Valve’s Steam platform is the place to find PC games for so many people. A huge library and the constant addition of new products make this resource great for those who are often looking for something new. These free games in Steam cover many genres: action, online shooters, card battles, sports simulations for those who like betting on 22 Bet and even cartoon fighting games. 


If you play on PC and you like action in the style of Super Smash Bros, you should try Brawlhalla.

In this game, you will have to fight with three enemies on a platform hanging in the air and try to knock out the enemies beyond its limits. For this you will get points. Your attacks depend on the direction of your movement, but, here they are quite easy to master.

Brawlhalla focuses on attacks using weapons that fall from the sky at random moments. Characters change every week, although this is a free game, it’s possible to buy any characters.

DCS World: Steam Edition

This well-known game is still one of the most realistic in the genre. It is incredibly difficult to master at a high level here.

Don’t expect to just take control of a plane and begin shooting your opponents in the air. Even using the simplest tanks, fighters and ships will take a long time to learn.

Yet, there are more advanced machines in the game. If you want to master a realistic military simulator, choose this high-quality game. 


This game is a character-based shooter where each hero belongs to one of four classes.

Paladins provides access to over 30 characters and offers an original card system that allows you to modify Champions’ abilities before a match.

You can customize the characters’ health, ability recovery time, or movement speed. This adds a fascinating element of strategy to the gameplay.

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Path of Exile

If you are a fan of the Diablo series, especially Diablo II, try this amazing free game, it’s rightfully one of the coolest free-to-play games on Steam.

You will control a single character with a view from above. Explore dungeons and caves, slaying monsters that get in your way.

In the camps, users can get in contact with others. Yet, beyond them, randomly generated maps await you and your friends, with plenty of monsters and treasures. It’s also a superb adventure, not just a game.

Planetside 2

In this MMO shooter, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a world war. You’ll be surrounded by futuristic vehicles, explosive weapons and battle-damaged locations.

From the very beginning the player has a lot of ways to attack, using one of the classes or types of vehicles. There really is a wide variety of styles to select from.

If you’re brave enough, you can try to decide the outcome of the war alone. Since Planetside 2 has a huge player base, I suggest learning the basics alongside veterans.

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Shadowverse CCG

This is a collectible card game with attractive anime-style visuals. This game will definitely appeal to fans of gambling. Every few months there is an update, with the release of new cards and adjustments to the game balance.

The essence of the gameplay is to destroy the enemy’s defenses, or force extra cards from the deck. If you like card games, Shadowverse CCG will be to your liking.

War Thunder

This one is an online game with elements of military simulation. Battles are pretty simple and even a bit arcade. 16 people are divided into two teams, choose your favorite vehicle and start the battle. The game is well designed, the battle physics is realistic, with ammo and repairs. If you have a passionate need for military battles, War Thunder will satisfy it.