We summarized in our first article about this project, the key points of PROJECT NANO (also known as Blueprint).

Epic Games has been working on a TPS game with a noticeable cooperative orientation. This game could be related in some aspects with Gears of War, but there are differences. Above all NANO would focus its gunplay on the use of a great variety of pistols, revolvers and that type of weapons, furthermore the player could attack using blades, knives and that kind of stuff. Blueprint would be set in a future, a world of Sci-Fi that would take up elements of Cyberpunk and games like Deux Ex.

Today, we would like to show you some ideas that Epic wanted to implement on NANO. I mean some mechanics for the gameplay.

I would like to remark again, we don’t know if Epic is still developing Blueprint.

nano logo PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT), new proof of concept videos (I) | VGLeaks 2.0

Wire Traversal

Use the Handforge Grapple to attach to wires and slide along them. X to grapple and release when in range. A to jump from the wire. A at the end of the ride to flip mantle and gain speed. When riding the wire, Dense to launch yourself to higher wires or buildings. Use the RS to look backward and change directions.



Handforge grapple.

The handforge can be used to grapple to easily identified points in the world. When you are within range, you will reach toward the grapple point, sound and energy effects will show you where the point is and you press X to engage in a grapple. When you reach the grapple point, you climb up the ledge. Pressing A just before or as you grab the destination point will cause you to launch yourself over the ledge or toward the next grapple point. Grapple points can also be on moving objects and may be worked into the fiction as a generic/iconic power source.



Experiment with Z Axis Traversal methods.

Use fire escapes, awnings, banners and flag poles to get on top of buildings quickly. Use Dense to fling yourself with a fire escape ladder. Simply press A with good timing while grabbing new surfaces to fling yourself further and faster.



Create a POC illustrating ideas for IRIS and a 3D mini map.

Lyrik has an augmented reality system called IRIS. In this POC, if you press the Back button, a mission will be added. When you press the Back button in the game, IRIS will overlay a 3D view of the city on top of the world and IRIS will highlight the target areas required for the mission in red and will draw them over the top of all geometry. If you hold the Back button, the 3D overlay will peel off of the world, shrink down and present itself in the upper right of your screen as a mini map. In the aerial view, you will be able to use the D-Pad to  pan around the city. This POC is limited to the overlay-to-aerial transition only working from the spawn point and the 3D aerial view mini map should always be forward facing.



Make generic rooftop objects that can be densed into and turned into deadly flying projectiles.

This POC has the player running toward a vent pipe on a roof. When the player turns dense, he hits or throws the object in the direction he was moving. If a Metacorps soldier happens to be in the way, it will auto-target him to some degree.



Make a flying car hotwire platform that uses Nano power to create a makeshift lift.

Players will be able to overdrive vehicles that are parked. If you leap onto a vehicle, the Y button will use your Nano Power and drive the levitation system of the vehicle. If you are near a road network, it will automatically attach when you get close. If you are not near a road network, the vehicle will stop at a height we determine and will simply hover. While pressing and holding Y, the player can use the Left Stick to aim the car in the direction he chooses.



Stay tuned, we will share more info soon.