First of all, let’s take this rumor with great caution as it comes from 4chan. That said, it is worth remembering that other rumors and leaks concerning Capcom games (Devil May Cry 5) came precisely from that website, and in particular the author of this information about Dragon’s Dogma 2 already leaked information about this game before.

This time, the source of this info claims that Dragon’s Dogma team is very satisfied with the RE Engine. The look of the game seems to be great, but they are also struggling a little with the ray tracing and with the performance showing more than 10 enemies in open areas. However, Capcom seems to be happy with the choice of this engine for the development of this sequel.

Regarding the game itself, it seems that the player will have to wear a mask. This mask will be mandatory only for about half of the campaign. However, during this first half, the player could be able to remove the mask temporally, but it will cause a radical change in the world, revealing our position and exposing us to stronger and more aggressive enemies, some of them impossible to defeat without specific equipment.

Finally, Hideaki Itsuno (director of the original Dragon’s Dogma and Dragon’s Dogma 2) would love to announce the game immediately. However, the game could be announced not very soon, since it might be released in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022 due to diverse reasons, one of them being the actual shortage of PS5.

Stay tuned.

Via | ResetEra