Early this month Eidos confirmed the development of another title in the Deus Ex franchise, but did not give any kind of information about the game.

A  casting call for an unnamed (Ubisoft) (Eidos) Montreal video game studio may be revealing the first details on ‘Deus Ex: Universe’.

Should appear Japanese, early 30s, 5’8″ to 6′. Should be athletic/built, in the 185lbs category. All submitted talent should fall within these specs. Any knowledge of stage combat & martial arts a plus. Hiroshi Saito is an Illuminati Shadow Agent. His current assignment is to infiltrate the Augmented Rights Coalition, to replace its leader and to discredit its movement by committing a series of attacks in their names. He is fierce, unsympathetic, cunning, and arrogant. Disciplined, unemotional, intelligent, gritty. He has a mild Japanese accent, able to range from professional with his superiors, militant when undercover, and smirky when talking to enemies. Previous motion capture experience is a bonus.

As you can read, the casting is seeking an actor to play Hiroshi Saito, an Illuminati Shadow Agent in his 30s.

At no time the casting call mentions “Deus Ex”, but Ubisoft Eidos Montreal is the developer of the game and the description talks, among other things, about augmentation, one of the distinguishing features of the Deus Ex IP.

deus ex 3 Rumor: First "Deus Ex: Universe" details | VGLeaks 2.0

Stay Tuned.

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