Perhaps we are not only going to see  news about Orbis/PS4 at Sony’s event late this month.

We were told to “see the future” at February by Sony, that could involve both PS4-Orbis… and Vita (well, and almost for sure, some surprise for PS3)

A new Vita patent has been found in USA, with 55977 code, showing a new desing and model of Sony’s latest hanheld.  It seems to be a 4G model, with a HDMI port and some kind of new USB plug.

This patent could lead to a price cut in current Vita’s price so the new model stands at 299$ and, besides, some are suggesting this would also arrive  with a cheaper price for (propietary) memory cards used with the hanheld.

Here’s the pic of the patent where you can clearly see “Next Gen Vita“.


sony new vita patent Rumor: new PSVita 4G model arriving? | VGLeaks 2.0


What do you think about this revision? Every cut price is a good new for us, players, but, how will the market react to another Vita model?


Thanks to Leviathyn.