When I’m a Hero Too speaks, you have to listen. Not when someone who tries to impersonate him speaks (some of you may have heard about it these days), but when the true source speaks, we have to give him a lot of credit after all the Persona leaks he’s been giving us in recent times.

I’m a Hero Too is back with some juicy information about the Persona series after the announcements of Persona 3 Remake and Persona 5 Tactica: Persona 6 is apparently not going to be released during 2024.

According to what he says, the game is a bit further away than the last time he heard about it and he thinks we’re not going to see it for a while. In fact, according to his information, Persona 6 was scheduled to be announced last winter, which didn’t happen.

About Persona 6, he says that little by little, the main theme has been changing to “Black/White”. Previously it seemed that “Green” was going to have a lot of prominence and, although the green colour is still present, it seems that the focus is this “Black/White” he says.

Finally, he says that there is a new Persona game to be revealed, which he believes will be a party game.

Stay tuned!

Via | ResetEra