That’s right, here’s another rumor regarding a new PS5 model. And this time is a bigger new model. This time we’re talking about the PlayStation 5 Pro being real.

Or, at least, that’s what Insider Gaming and Tom Henderson report.

Henderson is a really reliable source, his track record is really good. It was he who, for example, announced the implementation of Discord on PS5, or, for example, who announced the famous PS5 with the detachable reader (by the way, that model should not be, a priori, the desired PS5 Slim.)

Well, it seems that PS5 Pro is real. And one of its strong points would be to improve the performance of video games when Ray Tracing is activated. This point seems very important for Mark Cerny and Sony. In fact, Mark Cerny filed a trademark one year ago about this:

Be that as it may, PS5 would not be imminent, as Tom Henderson says PS5 Pro would have a tentative release date of late 2024. We’d be more than a year and a half away from launch, and if it’s slightly delayed, we’d be talking 2025.

We’ll keep you posted!

Via | Insider Gaming