Remember Factory Uncle? Some of you may know him from many Nintendo Switch leaks, while others may hear this nickname for the first time.

Factory Uncle is famous because he, apparently, works at one of Nintendo’s production lines in China.

He has previously leaked several Switch Special Editions, such as the Splatoon one with the Switch OLED.

Factory Uncle usually shares his info on forums, and recently he saw how a thread created by him was deleted (at Nintendo’s request). Furthermore, he also got a permaban.

Yes, it seems strange to say the least, and worthy of commenting on as a rumor.

The user in question commented that, apart from the Nintendo Switch’s successor being significantly more powerful (nothing new here), production was close to beginning. So close that he estimated that the Nintendo Switch 2, or whatever this new Nintendo console might be called, could be ready to launch by the end of 2023.

Of course, with the deletion of the thread at Nintendo’s request and the user’s permaban on that forum, it’s worth keeping an eye on Nintendo’s next moves.

Via | ResetEra