According to the Korean website Gamefocus.co.kr, Read Dead Redemption is (at least) on its way to PS4, PC.

This source states, however, that an Xbox One version is unsure. If you remember, Red Dead Redemption was added to the Xbox One backward compatibility list only two months ago, so maybe this remaster could be some kind of movement by Sony to gain a temporary exclusivity, since the source states that RDR HD would be announced this week at the Playstation Meeting (September 7th).

So, could this (presumed) leaked picture of  Read Dead Redemption HD be real? We’ll have to wait.

red dead redemption 2 leaked screenshot [Rumor] Read Dead Redemption Remaster for PS4, PC | VGLeaks 2.0

As always, take this info with tons of salt.

Via | NeoGAF