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EA is not handling Star Wars in the best terms. According to Kotaku, EA would have stopped three diferent games based on Star Wars in the last years. In bullet points:

Ragtag. The Star Wars game directed by Amy Hennig and Visceral Games. Canceled in 2017.

Orca. Part of the assets of Ragtag were transferred to EA Vancouver. They reboot the project to work in an open world title. In development until 2018.

Viking. A Battlefront spin-off started by EA Vancuver. A game with open world elements that should be available in 2020 with the new gen of systems. Criterion Games was going to be part of the development force with an ambitious vision focused in the story. The game was not going to be completed in 18 months and EA decided to canned it.

Right now, there are two Star Wars games under development, a sequel of Jedi Fallen Order and another project by EA Motive.

Thanks, Kotaku.