It seemed an illusion, something too unreal and, sadly, far, far away. After its announcement, many of us held our breath when we saw that, finally, we could (someday) enjoy a remake of Final Fantasy VII.  And, furthermore, we would be able to enjoy it with a graphic quality at the level of that famous tech demo from 2005.

But, suddenly the wait is finally ending and that FFVII Remake demo leaked some weeks ago it’s real for all us, anxious gamers with a real need of checking if all these years of waiting have been worthwhile.

And… our verdict is positive. Yes, the wait has been worthwhile.

Of course, this is one of those products that will be criticized both for altering it too much (evolving it) and for being too conservative with its remake. Whatever you do, it will always be a tough call for Square Enix. And precisely for that, it’s a joy to see the positive feedback FFVII R is receiving from both the press and players.

And it’s no wonder. After trying the demo uploaded yesterday on the PlayStation Store for PS4, we have found a very polished remake. A total tribute to the original game updated to today’s times that also brings many additions, such as a new battle system (although it also allows to change to one more similar to the original by turns of a lifetime).

final fantasy vii remake 3 We already have it here: Final Fantasy VII Remake First impressions | VGLeaks 2.0

Maybe here is where we expect to find more complains, since the battle system could feel too much Kingdom Hearts-ed. Others can find a battle system too similar to FFXV but, whatever it is, FFVII R battle system is a clear evolution and an improvement over those two games.

Finishing up now, we must remember that Final Fantasy VII Remake is just the first of three scheduled games that will cover the whole story from the original FFVII (PSX). Initially we didn’t like this option, but we must confess that the scale we can see in the game is overwhelming, is really huge and it really seems quite difficult to fit the whole original game in just one game for nowadays consoles.
We can accept that, but please, Square Enix, don’t take too long to launch the trilogy. We need to see that updated and evolved Golden Saucer with its tons of games, just like allvideoslots sweden!

And what do you think, did you like the FFVII R demo for PlayStation 4?