It seems that, if Microsoft’s offer with Xbox X Series was going to be very aggressive in certain countries, it’s going to be even more so.

billbil-kun updates his own rumor that anticipated a significant Xbox Series X discount in France and other countries, and now announces that the final price will be, attention, €399.

We update this post as these discounts are worth it to enjoy the current generation of consoles!

Original article posted on Oct 23, 2023 at 11:28

And we’re back with juicy leaks and rumors shared by billbil-kun. We are approaching an exciting period for the gaming world. The last third of the year is always funny and packed with releases, offers, sales, and deals.

On this occasion, billbil-kun reports that the Xbox Series X will enjoy a significant discount during the Black Friday season.

Microsoft’s flagship console will officially cost €449 from 20 to 27 November in France. It’s a €100 price drop.

It is expected that Microsoft will replicate this offer in many more countries during Black Friday. Or, at least at the end of the year during the Holidays.

Without going any further, Sony has had also a very aggressive policy (to our benefit as gamers) with PlayStation 5 and the significant discounts we enjoyed this past summer.

We’ll be watching to confirm this Xbox X Series price drop and see in which countries we’ll be able to enjoy it.

Stay tuned.

Via | billbil-kun and Dealabs