Andromeda will be the new Mass Effect for this generation. This game will feature new main characters, races and will be set in a different place and time than the Mass Effect trilogy.

EA is resisting to deliver a remastered version of Mass Effect games, a movement that would please a lot of people that want to replay the trilogy in a better conditions or play it for the first time.

Apparently, some details about Andromeda could have been leaked from a Youtube video. This info seems legit in some parts, but takes it with a grain of salt (or two):

– Same party-of-three setup of the last three games: you plus two squadmates.
– Two of the squadmates include a petite, buxom, blonde human woman. And a krogan (spotted in the E3 trailer).
– Play as “Pathfinder”.
– Tasked with finding a new home for the human race.
– Other races included too, obviously.
– Squadmates + yourself have jetpacks that play a key role in exploration.
– Omni tool is more versatile with situational interactivity. EG: deploy a shield in combat.
– Similar weapons as per previous games.
– Quality of facial features and character models a major feature of rendering improvements.
– Destructible cover.
– New ship is an entirely new design plus new layout from the Normandy. Has a balcony to observe lower levels, and see stuff like the Mako, and a “Pathfinder’s quarters”.
– Conduct “Strike” missions from ship.
– Meeting room to interact with squad.
– Mako more or less identical to what appeared in the E3 trailer. Likely customisable.
– Character customisation includes armour, helmet, gauntlet, etc.
– Traditional galaxy map navigation gone. Galaxy traversal now done via first person view of the ship, manually flying to locations.
– FTL drive for rapid travel.
– Markers on planets and what not for guiding.
– Main alien enemies described as a cross between Vorcha and Collectors.
– During early build combat enemies dropped in via Cerberus ships. Unsure if this is a placeholder or legit.
– One antagonist is a human soldier, armoured similar to you but without the N7 branding. Can spare/kill him. Motivations unknown.

Thanks to EatChilden for the info (NeoGAF).