Suicide Squad game in development, new details for Damian Batman game (rumor)


Batman could return to Gotham, but this version of Batman could be different. Damian Wayne would be the new nightwatcher in a more populated recreation of Gotham. The rumor emerged one week ago and another source has confirmed this development and has added info about a Suicide Squad game.


Bruce Wayne: old with beard and seriously injured in his leg after years fighting the crime in Gotham. Bruce would use a walking stick. Damian would be learning from his father to become the new Batman.

– Batbike confirmed.

– Dick Grayson would be in.

– The game would contain a lot of great characters, new ones and some would be being redesign (Black Mask would be a female). Some villains: White Rabbit, Flamingo and Poison Ivy.

Not labelled as “Arkham” game. Possibly, we would play in a different Batman universe.

– Production would have been greenlit this summer.

Suicide Squad



– A lot of characters could be selected.

– Borderlands spirit.

– Release: targeted to be released in 2017.

Warner Montreal would be developing both games. RockSteady could be helping to develop the Suicide Squad production.

Thanks, NeoGAF.