Batman could return to Gotham, but this version of Batman could be different. Damian Wayne would be the new nightwatcher in a more populated recreation of Gotham. The rumor emerged one week ago and another source has confirmed this development and has added info about a Suicide Squad game.


Bruce Wayne: old with beard and seriously injured in his leg after years fighting the crime in Gotham. Bruce would use a walking stick. Damian would be learning from his father to become the new Batman.

– Batbike confirmed.

– Dick Grayson would be in.

– The game would contain a lot of great characters, new ones and some would be being redesign (Black Mask would be a female). Some villains: White Rabbit, Flamingo and Poison Ivy.

Not labelled as “Arkham” game. Possibly, we would play in a different Batman universe.

– Production would have been greenlit this summer.

Suicide Squad



– A lot of characters could be selected.

– Borderlands spirit.

– Release: targeted to be released in 2017.

Warner Montreal would be developing both games. RockSteady could be helping to develop the Suicide Squad production.

Thanks, NeoGAF.