The team Yakuza released in September one of the best games of 2021. Lost Judgment is the perfect definition of the sequel that improves the original product in every possible aspect. A game build from the foundations of Judgment that managed to expand, and polish known mechanics and introduce new ones reinforcing its identity in the process.

The SEGA’s game was the first title included in the “Yakuza universe” released simultaneously in all the markets, a milestone that SEGA should repeat in the future. Takayuki Yagami will visit the legendary Kamurocho, but the detective will discover a new localization, Yokohama. A courageous product that treats sensitive topics with respect that are masterfully confronted.

The adventure is perfectly measured and balanced with the addition of other activities that allow the player to make some distance from the main content without losing playable rhythm.The minigames shine brighter than ever in a Yakuza team title in Lost Judgment.

Try your luck, stranger

The nature of some of the minigames included in Lost Judgment is not surprising, as some of them have been with us since the first Yakuza. Nagoshi has always liked games of chance, strategy, action and even recovering great SEGA sagas to be played within games. We can play Mahjong, Shogi, Darts and we can even try our luck at the casinos included in Lost Judgment.

The secret casino is unlockable playing the School Stories feature of the game. School Stories is literally a full game inside the experience of Lost Judgment. The process to access to this area is perfectly integrated into the game’s own mechanics. The underground casino allows the player to enjoy great typical casino games such as Blackjack and complete secondary missions.

The game inside the game

Since Shenmue, SEGA has included some of its most legendary games in the “SEGA Arcades” of these titles to be enjoyed as another secondary activity. Lost Judgment is designed to force the player to organically visit the SEGA arcade and discover the Master System that Tak has in his house. Yeah, I said a Master System with the following games: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Fantasy Zone, Penguin Land, Quartet, Enduro Racer, Woody Pop, Maze Hunter 3-D and Secret Commando. Further, there are some games that can be unlocked acquiring the DLC packages.

Lost Judgment Arcade Header 747x309 1 The real impact of the mini games included in Lost Judgment | VGLeaks 2.0

Lost Judgment does not include karaoke, but it includes three games that can be played by two players. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Fighting Vipers or Sonic the Fighters can be played in Lost Judgment and the time spend to these activities does not alter the in-game progress.

The world of Lost Judgment is expanded with more mini-games like the drone races, the boxing, the dancing or the darts. There are a lot of options to break the game from the main content in Lost Judgment.