Uncharted 4 was a great game to close the Nathan Drake’s tale. A Thief’s End squeezed the PS4’s hardware and presented polished gameplay mechanics. The product has its chances to win the Game of the Year award in The Game Awards ceremony.

A great amount of players are eager to continue the license, but until that day, this December Naughty Dog could reveal the DLC to expand the Uncharted 4 campaign. Don’t continue if you have not finished Uncharted 4 campaign.

Uncharted 4 DLC details:

Sam, Nathan’s big brother, would be the main protagonist. Sully would walk with Sam in this adventure. Sam & Sully ended up in good terms in the very end of A Thief’s End.

Standalone DLC. We won’t have to own Uncharted 4 to play this content.

Reveal at PlayStation Experience. Sony would show a playable section of this DLC with a medley of video sequences. Presentation would conclude with the name of the DLC.

– Game would be playable at PlayStation Experience.

Thanks, Jaffameister.