Atlus parent company registers Persona 5 domain (Update: Persona 5 for PS3. Winter 2014. 3 more Persona games revealed)

Update: Finally, the countdown on the Persona teaser site ended and Atlus revealed Persona 5 for PlayStation 3. The game will be released in Japan in winter of 2014.

Unfortunately, the teaser trailer does not show any gameplay. Click on the image below to watch it.



Besides, today Atlus has announced 3 more Persona games.

  • Persona 4: Dancing All Night for PS Vita, a rhythm game collaboration between Atlus and Dingo (Miku PSP games) set for fall 2014 in Japan
  • P4U: Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold for PS3, a follow up to Persona 4 Arena set for summer 2014 in Japan
  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth for Nintendo 3DS, planned for release on June 5, 2014 in Japan.


Click on the images below if you want to see the trailers of these games:



Persona-4--the ultimax-Ultra


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Index Corporation, Atlus parent company, registered on June 25.

Atlus confirmed a new Persona title in 2010 and last year Team Persona confirmed “development of the next numbered Persona title is making progress”, so an official announcement could be imminent.

Will we know more about the game at Tokyo Game Show in September? Will Persona 5 be released for current gen or it will a next gen tittle? Will it be for consoles or Persona 5 will be a handheld title?

Stay tuned.