Xbox One (Durango) XDK


We spoke a lot about Xbox One (Durango) hardware specs but, how about the software? In this article we will try to show you the most important parts of Xbox One (Durango) XDK.

Durango XDK has 3 main executables amongst other things:

Durangodocsetup: installs all the documentation in Visual Studio 2012 (VS2012 is a requirement)

xdk1 Xbox One (Durango) XDK | VGLeaks 2.0

DurangoRecoveryExternal: installs the “OS” in the devkit via USB stick.

Durangosetup: installs all the tools and plugins for VS2012

xdk2 Xbox One (Durango) XDK | VGLeaks 2.0

When you install both executables, you are able to open Durango Projects in Visual Studio in C ++ menu.

xd3 Xbox One (Durango) XDK | VGLeaks 2.0

You have some additional tools and documentation in the windows menu, some of them related with Kinect device.

xdk4 Xbox One (Durango) XDK | VGLeaks 2.0

And that’s it, finally you can browse all the xdk documentation in VS2012 help.

xdk5 Xbox One (Durango) XDK | VGLeaks 2.0

As you can see the integration with VS2012 is pretty straightforward to help developers to learn and use easily the new machine features.

Durango XDK has basically the same structure that you can see in 360 XDK.

  • Glumanda

    Can you guys take better resolution pictures? and more? I wanna see that Durango Specs, Durango Alpha Kit and Durango Beta kit points 😉 Show us more

    • vgleakscom

      This article is intended to show the XDK software, not specs. The rest of our articles (about specs) aren’t extracted from the xdk help texts. This is not the only documentation available.

    • Many people, as in, dorks complaining in the comments section of an article that was posted online?


    They talk about powerfull gpu what inside here ?

  • I can’t believe this…

    They don’t talk about how fast is the CPU or GPU, but they mention the console will need the new Kinect to be conected to use the console and it’ll be always connected to internet… o.m.g… why are you doing this, Microsoft?.

    • It’s really really really not as bad as you’re making it sound. It never says it needs to be connected to function, merely that if you have a connection and shut it off, the xbox will still update xbl servers and download game patches because it’s transitioned to a lower setting rather than completely shutting off. The kinect thing is eh, but it’s just something you plug in and can decide not to use.

      • I can’t believe this… part 2

        Yes, it is really bad, the feature about being always connected almost confirms we’ll also have the rumored “feature”: Block used games, or else they would not need the console to be always connected to update a game or an app, its purpose is mainly block used games, people doesn’t want used games to be blocked, that’s a suicide. As for Kinect, the file says “required for the system to operate”, that means you need it plugged, what else can it mean?, and that’s not all, it’s a forced Kinect, I like Kinect and its concept, but many people hates it irrationally, and it’s all because the developers doesn’t care to put some effort in creating a good Pad+Kinect game (mostly pad and sometimes Kinect while sitting on a chair) and they just stick to Wii-like games, and this Kinect makes the 360’s Kinect useless for the new console, Microsoft is making mistakes one after another with the new Xbox’s specs and features, they’re digging their own grave with absurd choices and many people can’t believe they are doing that, the only reason to do that is they want to ruin the Xbox brand.

        • GESevolved

          Many people, as in, dorks complaining in the comments section of an article that was posted online?

        • Ddtd

          As someone has said, it doesn’t say that it NEEDS to be always connected, just that it can be always connected, like what they showed for the PS4.

        • N2O1990

          I don’t even understand where are they talked about require online or block used game

          “Durango will implement different power states so that it can always be powered on, but will draw minimal electricity when not in use. The console will be ready instantly when users want to play, and will always maintain a network connection so that console software and games are always current. With this “Always On, Always Connected” design, users will quickly and easily enjoy their connected entertainment experiences, with no waiting for the console to restart or install updates.”

          It clearly taking about auto background updates,when you online and even in low power mode

          The always on not even means always on”line”,it means “always be powered on”

          “Durango consoles will have a Blu-ray Disc drive. Disc media will be used for distribution, but during gameplay, games will not use content from the optical disc. An installation system is being designed that will allow gamers to begin playing while the game is being installed on the hard drive rather than waiting until installation is complete.”

          It’s talking about games won’t load during gameplay and you can play the game after install started,no need to wait it install finish.
          But it doesn’t mean the disc is useless after install then “blah blah blah oh!it require online/block used games!”,you know,disc checking is before gameplay.It just like 360,but require install this time

        • They talk about powerfull gpu what inside here ?

    • Sigh

      Because this is made up bullshit, like every other thing on this site. You think the “Welcome to Durango” image in the first picture is real, then you need your head tested. Unprofessional as fuck.

      • Kroltan

        Microsoft-standard installer, no? DirectX, .NET Framework, XNA Game Studio, all use the same installer tool, Microsoft just changes image + names + additional texts like licenses, etc.

    • This is so LAME …OMG! I can’t believe they’re going to do that 🙁

    • No One’s asking you to…

      Well they’re not ‘talking’ about anything, this is leaked information not a bloody press event. Additionally, just because it ships with a connect doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to use it, so stop acting like it’s some apocalyptic sign. Also, ‘Always on, Always connected’ is kind of ambiguous language to use, it may mean the console will update itself even when it’s not in use, not that it’s bricked without a network connection. Why not just calm the fuck down until there’s some official word? That way you’ll have specific facts to get your little princess panties in a bunch over, rather than idle speculation based on a few still images


    Soo is going to get raped hard vs ps4 ?=?

  • Jorge Maltrain Macho

    Durango: “All games will be installed on the hard drive. Play from optical disc will not be supported”. Microsoft RIP

    • You should read further, you’ll be able to play the game while it’s being installed to the HDD.

      • Chris Parlamas

        How does that fix things?

        • I assume he was worried that you would have to wait for the game to fully install before playing, meaning that if you were to take the game to a friend’s house, it would mean waiting.

          • Brad

            I actually think his point was that we would have to download all games.

          • Either way, he’s an idiot.

          • Maynard_VGL

            Don’t go that way 😉

          • Snichy

            …or he is making the point that it will not support Blu-Ray movie playback from the optical drive, which isn’t really clear whether will be the case or not – if Blu-Rays cant be played from the Blu-Ray disk drive then it truly is RIP Xbox!

          • Even

            Yeah for the five people still enjoying their movies in a physical format.

          • I have 3 children. Having them not man handle and scratch my game discs any more = genius.

          • SpacecakexD

            Yea but your discs will be useless so you can burn the disk, and it would be ok.

          • NeoTechni

            The majority do.

          • Snichy

            The average gamer like you is probably happy watching Twilight on a downloaded or streamed “720p” format but for fans of quality film and home cinema, there is no substitute for blu-ray and if Microsoft doesn’t realise this, their reputation and sales will suffer.

          • Fans of quality film and cinema are already going to have a blur ray player

          • Zedlor

            You wouldn’t be able to take it to a friend’s place I don’t think because each game is tied to a specific user isn’t it?

          • Trickie Tom

            Ahh, true, but same goes now with downloaded games.. But as long as I log in w/ my ID at my friends house, I can still download and install that game and play it.. But I have to be online.. So I would guess the same would hold true. Licence tied to Gamer ID, not Console ID.

          • Doos

            It doesn’t say that anywhere that I see.

          • NEKO WORKING

            hahah.. yep i don’t think they’ll let u install to many xbox

          • Tied to a user doesn’t mean tied to hardware. You should be able to log in under your own account and play. This also brings up another interesting point. In areas where Internet bandwidth is plentiful (some European and Asian countries), pre-loading a game should be possible even without you asking (like what Sony talked about). You just buy an extremely popular game and it’s ready waiting for you to play, even faster than going to the store to buy it.

    • wint3rmute

      Aren’t there mandatory installs for some ps3 games? Didn’t seem to kill them off.

      • John

        Yes, but we didn’t have to install a FULL 50GB game did we? No mate, this sucks for the xbox users, no way is the box gonna be release with a 1 or even 2 TB HDD!! What, are you gonna have 5 games max installed? Sounds like a pile of horse caca to me – thank god I’ll never own that piece of crap!

        • Bob

          50GB? What games do you play? Most games are usually under 10 GB, and I’m speaking about on PC. I can imagine when playing on a console the textures and everything are lowered so much the flies are smaller.

          • wint3rmute

            John just needs to relax. If its a 500gb hdd @50gb thats probably 9 games, at 10gb an install its probably closer to 45. Not to mention that you can uninstall the game after you are done playing it, give the disc to a friend and let them install it.

            I think the disc is just a key to verify the install, similar to now, you have to have the disc in the drive to play the game.

            I highly doubt any of the stuff mentioned in the doc means you won’t be able to sell your game or buy a used one. Just that you need the damn disc to play it, LIKE ITS ALWAYS BEEN.

          • Cipero

            It’s not always been like this. You can go into the game store on the xbox buy and install a game right from disc.

          • robt martin

            I don’t see where it says all games will be delivered on disc…only that you cannot play from disc. Microsoft isn’t going to give up the revenue stream from downloadable sales.

          • DarthDiggler

            Next gen games likely be bigger. Higher res textures, videos, etc.

          • RandalZ

            PS3 games weight a minimum of 20Gb. Uncharted 3, MGS 4 and GoW 3, L.A. Noire and many others weight around 35Gb each.

          • Not true, some PS3 games are around 3GB

          • RandalZ

            Yes like Limbo, Plants vs Zombies and a lot of multiplats

        • Aidan Murphy

          1 xbox disc at the moment is 7gb, but bluray is 25-50 gb lol

        • Pope The Rev XXVIII

          I’m done with XBOX, My next Console will be the PS4.

      • DarthDiggler

        Not for 100% of the Disc.

        • wint3rmute

          No, but if its installing while you play it so what?

    • J88NYr

      Why is this a bad thing? that’s my biggest hate about current consoles, having to find and put in discs and then take the next and so on.

    • jonesck1

      You missed the part where the game initially reads from the disc and the game begins instantly, then installs to the hard drive as you play, zero downtime while enjoying fast load times. Sounds great to me, a much better solution than mandatory installs.

      • BeastlyRig

        so drm? Nice!!

        • N2O1990

          How is that means DRM?they ain’t even mentioned anything about DRM or block used games

          • wint3rmute

            You and I are one of a handful that actually read the doc without jumping to wild conclusions.

          • Generalkidd

            I agree with you, I don’t see DRM being a problem yet. The only problem I can see arising from this is limits on HDD size. What happens when the HDD fills up? Unless the new Xbox comes with 1 TB HDDs, people who play tons of games will run out of space pretty quickly. A single game install today of a pretty mainstream game can take up an average of 10 GB or more. That means just 10 games is already 100 GB. Plus, Microsoft intends the Xbox to become a multimedia center meaning even more memory will be used for other forms of multimedia content like movies.
            Plus, if the rumors that games will be using Bluray discs, then game installs can easily reach 25 GB or more depending on the size of the game. Even with 1 TB, people with large game libraries will be severely limited.
            Now there is one issue related to DRM and used games. While the doc doesn’t mentioning anything about blocking used games, it does mention the disc not being needed anymore after an install. If that’s the case, what’s to stop people from loaning or renting the game to others temporarily so they can install it and pretty much get the game for free? Or people can go to Gamestop, buy the game used, install it, then return it and pretty much get the game free.
            My theory is that the doc refers to the disc being unnecessary in that no game content is being read from the disc, but rather the disc will still be needed to verify ownership of the game. It’s similar to how disc-based game installs work today on the xbox. You still need the disc play. My Halo 3 disc got cracked and most maps can’t be read anymore, however because I installed the game, I can still play perfectly because the disc is only being used to verify I still own it.

          • wint3rmute

            What you say definitely makes sense. I can see how my 1tb drive in my pc is filling, and I just use it to back-up!

            But maybe because it installs as you play, it could just keep a 50gb reservation for game installs. Maybe it installs parts of the game that are most common, and then as you progress its installing a little bit at a time.

            If that were the case, I don’t know how something like Skyrim would work. I can only see that work for linear single player games.

        • Mr.Porter

          Possibly but no confirmation. Honestly, DRM is what I want to know about most right now.

      • John

        Still sucks that ALL games need to be installed – and I can see SOOOO many problems with the game installing while u play……

        • McGamer

          No it won’t be a problem. WoW and a few other MMOs use this feature just fine and those aren’t even installing from a optical drive which will be faster than downloading.

      • John

        Dude, it sounds like shit on a stick!!! Do you know how quickly you’re gonna fill up the HDD?! Absolute stupidity!!

        • Sean

          I have over 40 games on Steam and the files take up just over 100GB. Assuming texture resolution increases, we’re looking at, at most, 500GB of consumed space.

          A 1TB HDD costs, for a consumer, less than $70. In bulk, that price is no doubt much smaller.

          Microsoft could easily install one of those and maintain costs. I highly, highly doubt hard drive space will be a significant factor.

          • Marcus2012

            Each Xbox game takes up ~40GB…

    • willhe

      this isnt that big of a deal lol…

    • I agree with you…
      Microsoft is going die one day!

    • because we all know that waiting for cuts and maps to load is the best part of playing 360. Installing to HDD is always a better way to play even now. I dont seen how this is an issue for anyone. boo hoo, so you have to install the game before you can play it, how is that any diffrent then a computer. Takes 5 min. Im sure HD sizes will be much larger on the new box then the current.

    • Mr XBob

      You do realise everyone (with the hard drive space) installs their games anyway, yes?

      And you do realise that Sony were the ones who started this whole thing with MANDATORY game installs for a bunch of their titles? Yes?

      You do realise this, right?

      Don’t be such an incredibly obvious fanboy 🙂

  • Perspective

    If I have to have Kinect plugged in at all times…No buy. I’m not being watched or listened to by random Microsoft people or Government people and so on. That’s some Aeon Flux or other dystopian type movie shiz.

    • Sigh

      Hahah, grow the fuck up. Who do you think wants to listen to you talking bullshit with your friends about how high you got last week?

      • apricot

        Me and many voyeurs. Add to this now we got static IP then it is always the same number to connect to your webcam, I could know everything about your life, your adress, your behavior, your lovemaking and so on. I could know your schedule by heart and burgle your house easily or whatever. You should just hope we are not ennemy.

        • wint3rmute

          ummmm, just put tape over the damn thing or turn it around. There is no way there is a requirement for it to be watching you to play games. Probably means always connected as in it might be part of the system itself instead of some add on.

          Also, it doesn’t say anywhere that the system has to be connected to the net at all times either. So you kinect 2.0 is just another camera in your living room as hackable as my dslr.

          • Josiah

            Or just not buy the system. Pointless to require it be plugged in at all times. Not going to deal with it personally

          • J88NYr

            So with the currently Xbox 360, do you plug in and unplug your Kinect every time your not using it? Course you don’t. Stop making a non issue and issue.

          • Josiah

            I don’t own a Kinect with my Xbox 360 because its pointless and now they are bundling with Durango and requiring to be plugged in? Great so when the Kinect breaks my Durango is useless until I replace the Kinect fantastic. I disable my camera device on my computer when I’m not using it. Passing on the Durango unless these rumors end up being false

          • wint3rmute

            I am not sure if anyone has broken a kinect yet. Not to mention it might just be part of the console, as in if a part of the console breaks, its broken.

            I am sure they just don’t want to have a barrier for casual people to buy dance central. They can just buy the box with kinect instead of having to purchase a peripheral.

          • GESevolved


          • I only unplug Kinect when my kids keep stealing control of the menus from each other or to keep from being THAT person who has Kinect audio and causes feedback on everyone else.

          • Sigh


        • DarthDiggler


          Oh yes you are omniscient and omnipotent. Give me a fucking break!

          You are making a huge assumption that people live their entire lives in front of internet-connected webcams. So unless this was the case you would likely only be privy to Skype conversations.

          Also just having an internet connected webcam doesn’t tell you my address.

          Does everyone on the internet with some basic understanding of technology think they are Neo or Morpheus?

          • Perspective

            Either way the fact of the matter is that people can be listened to or watched at by hackers, perverts, government, criminals or whoever. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in front of these devices because you’re still spending time in front of those devices, lol. In my opinion, I’d rather not have my future wife or kids being watched and listened on like in some movie. That’s weird.

          • Pluto

            We all know you’ll never have a wife!

        • Sigh

          I don’t have a static IP. Most people don’t have a static IP. All the best to you, but your argument is utterly fucked.

      • PeeWeeHerman


        • Chris

          Just pictured the “aliens” guy saying that.

      • Perspective

        Don’t tell me to grow the fuck up when you’re not doing what I do. I speak out against tyranny, anti-freedom of speech, 1984 book, children getting bombed over suspected terrorists, kids getting arrested for eating pastries till it forms a gun, kids getting vaccinated with harmful chemicals and so on. I’m against tyranny, support freedom, liberty and the constitution. I don’t sit and watch t.v. 24/7, ignore what’s going on in the world, worship celebs and think about only myself. So don’t you DARE tell someone to ”Grow the fuck up” when you haven’t even grown the balls to do what I do.

        • Perspective

          Do you really believe that people shouldn’t care that these things can be used to watch and listen to people?. Why would I support something that does the type of things you see in movies?. Please. That’s lunacy and ignorance at it’s finest. With your logic their might as well be cameras inside everyones houses that live feeds to whoever, wherever because well, you know, there’s no possible reason for anyone to be watched and there’s no such thing as perverts and hackers.

          • DarthDiggler

            People should care. People should read the terms and conditions for any connected device with a camera and microphone. If you don’t and find out something you don’t like about that device, it is YOUR FAULT.

            Just calling Kinect out for privacy concerns without any sort of evidence isn’t productive. It’s all just speculation utilizing the worst assumptions.

            So if we are going to continue this conversation, HOW ABOUT SOME EVIDENCE? FACTS?

            We can speculate until we are blue in the face. Does that bring us any closer to answers about Kinect and privacy concerns? NO!

            I am just completely taken back by people reacting and corresponding about something that they have no evidence to back up. You are all just completely comfortable with making unfounded claims based on your own speculation. That is intellectually weak, if you are truly curious about something research it and become the expert. Don’t just non-stop pontificate about how you THINK things are. I don’t have a big issue with Kinect or the Sony camera. I have never heard anything in terms of factual information that would support these devices being a privacy concern. If you guys have some information that suggests otherwise I would love to see it.

        • SpacecakexD

          Hey wait, is the the freedom fighters forum? Because I thought we were talking about the next generation consol.

          • DarthDiggler

            LOL Exactly. 🙂 Sounds like some Ron Paul guys.

          • Perspective

            Lmao 🙂

      • Wow

        You’re a serious fucking idiot. You’re so dumb your actually a danger our freedom

        • MrX_VGL

          Calm down please. We are not in the children garden…

        • DarthDiggler

          Making blanket assumptions about technology is equally dumb. Like I said above read your terms and conditions. While technology like Kinect does have privacy implications that doesn’t mean all your worst fears are realized. MS isn’t the government they are just a company trying to sell software.

          Just having a knee-jerk reaction to this and saying it’s an invasion of your privacy doesn’t make it true. For one you voluntarily purchase Kinect. When you use it I am sure there is an agreement that you agree to.

          If you read that agreement and it says “we will monitor you on video even if you are jerking off” you would have a point here.

          Or if an MS developer leaked some info about Kinect watching everyone, you would have a point here.

          The fact is you have no evidence just claims. We aren’t dealing with facts just your feelings and emotions. Which isn’t a very productive conversation.

        • Sigh

          Your freedom? No, I fight for my freedom, actually. What I don’t do, is assume that everyone is watching me as if I’m in the fucking Truman Show, you dozy cunt.

          • End User

            Look up the article “Pa. School Sued (Again) Over Webcam Spying”

            WTH mod? If it’s the link you don’t like, just edit it out. Why kill informative posts of such minutiae?

          • End User

            “*for* such minutiae.”

            …or maybe it was because I started putting in gibberish emails after the first few posts. Oh well.

    • block the mic and block the cam… not rocket science

      • Louish1982

        hahaha so true

    • Daniel Lawson

      To late my friend they hear you and can see you anytime they want.

    • DarthDiggler

      Read your terms and conditions. I am sure this stuff is outlined and they aren’t sending specific images back to MS servers. Maybe counting people who play the game. I would be pretty shocked if MS was gathering Webcam data. The cost to store that data alone would be fairly high. Likely they are gathering info on how many people are playing and when though. Not really any more of an invasion of privacy than cookies really.

      Also why is everyone referring to movies? Is that really your framework for reality?

      Read an article by a magazine or newspaper author on occasion. If you are going to say you don’t want the government to be like Aeon Flux I would suggest maybe you need to crack a book or two and learn about real tyranny of the likes that doesn’t make for good Hollywood blockbusters. If you really think that our government will just be taken over by some bad guy one day, you are looney. Tyrants don’t just show up and announce their intentions, they will skew words and manipulate the public. They will march with the people and than use their power to usurp the people.

      • Perspective

        I don’t read mainstream news, sorry. I like to stay aware of what’s going on in the world. As for the whole aeon flux part, It’s a possibility. To say anything depicted in a police state type movie isn’t possible is just having your head in the sand and being closed minded. To say someone is ”loony” for having a different perspective is not only ignorant, but no different than how racists treat those they’re racist against. Anyways, as for the whole Kinect part, I said that It was all in the realm of possibility that it could be used in the ways I have described. I never said that it could be all wrong therefore I am open to the possibility that I am wrong which is how you have an open mind. I look at things though all possibility. Anyhow, I do realize what is said in the agreements, why wouldn’t I or anyone for that matter not bother to read those things before attempting to bring up the issues I have described?. I’m focusing on the fact that it’s there to begin with. I’m focusing on the fact that privacy is in trouble. I’m focusing on the fact that the majority don’t even bother reading agreements and skip through them. I’m focusing on the fact that most people aren’t even aware that Kinect could possibly do these sorts of things. Which is why I am speaking about it. I’m only helping provide information for those people. Governments never would be dumb enough to announce tyranny like you described. They’d do it all covertly. Everyone knows that. I’m not understanding though how that somehow means that things like in those movies can’t happen. It seems like knee jerk reactions based off of..nothing. Only limits of a belief system.

  • Lol @ people who read 1984 once and knee-jerk react to leaked specs

    • raudskeggr

      Or seen the movie antitrust. where “microsoft” spies on people through webcams.

      • GESevolved

        Please don’t think of yourself as important enough for anyone to give a sh!t what you do when you sit in front of your pc.

        • Mr.Porter

          Government wants to watch me masturbate O_o


        • End User

          Well *you* are definitely not important enough for anyone to give a sh!t, because you don’t give a sh!t. This is the same kind of ignorant complacency that fuels the similar “if you’re not doing anything wrong, what are you worried about” mindset.

          No, as long as you chug along with your vidja-games and your Doritos and Dew and don’t bother to inform yourself or actually give a crap about what’s going on in the world, you’re not “important enough” to pay attention to (or even on a less patronizing note: if you chug along with your kids and bills and workout routine and don’t actually give a crap about what’s going on in the world). But start an action group to try to actually discuss real issues and affect real change, then you will become “important enough.”

          I know, I know… just a bunch of paranoid conspiracist fantasy. Go tell that to the rotary clubs that were being spied on by the Army and the FBI.

          And of course, with keyword software, it’s not really up to a person to decide what’s “important.”

          • GESevolved

            You’re level of dork is admirable.

            Hail Nerd! We that are about to take comments on an online article too seriously salute you!

          • End User

            I guess we can’t all be as awesomely apathetic as yourself.

            Oh well.

          • GESevolved

            You know, you’re right.

            Oh well.

      • DarthDiggler

        You know movies are fake right? 🙂

        If not I have some swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you.

        • Mr.Porter

          Hasn’t Florida been wiped out? I saw it in a movie once

        • Perspective

          Depends on the type of movie :). A lot of things that happen in movies have happened or will happen in real life in some way. Like the dystopian police state type movies for example. Concepts in those types of movies are happening or beginning to become ready day by day(TSA, Drones spying on citizens, massive surveillance, government documents for microchipping people, ideas presented by the U.N. for a one world government and so on) . So, to say that all movies are fake isn’t necessarily true. Atleast not when it comes to concepts and ideologies presented in movies.

    • Perspective

      Who says that everyone who read it, read it once?. Also, I don’t see why people shouldn’t be concerned. People can be detained without due process now and eventually be droned upon if the domestic drone plans go through so with that being said, shouldn’t those who’re now being called ”potential terrorists” (Patriots, constitution followers, liberty lovers, freedom lovers, activists, protesters, ect.) be concerned about these things?. Or no?. I’m one of those people who care about what’s going on in the world, support the constitution, support freedom and liberty and speaks out against vaccines, fake jounalism, ect. That’s why I’m not satisfied with the possibilities given by this article. Does that not make sense?. I love the Xbox 360 and would absolutely love to play the next system but I shouldn’t just disregard all of the bad possibilities given because I want to play the next halo. I care about peoples privacies and freedoms, that’s why I brought this up earlier.

      • DarthDiggler

        Dude you are way off topic there. 😛

        I support liberty and freedom too but I am not a vaccine nut.

        Sounds like you are in the market for a PS4! 🙂

        • Perspective

          Lol, it happens. He brought up 1984, I had to bring in a few things related to it. And I’m not a vaccine nut either, I do my research on them and avoid them at all costs. Funny enough, the only time I ever got the flu was when I took the vaccine years ago. Since then, I’ve never gotten sick. I might get a PS4 but the only problem is that I never liked the stick placements for shooters or just looking around and moving at the same time in any other FP game. But then again, after a whole generation of dudebro shooters over and over again…I’m tired of them, lol.

          • Dave

            lets just keep it simple here, those that are ignorant about whats going on are only killing themselves from the inside out.let them take their anti-depressants,pain killers,anti-anxiety meds and when they’re addicted and cant afford or get them being they support this bs of a president then they’ll being the ones crying to us that are aware of the tragedies asking for help being the government has no intention in helping anyone but themselves.->Money<- If you don't have alot they can careless about you..Sad how dumb the normal everyday american cant realize that history repeats itself..

      • SpaceCaptainWarlock

        speaks out against vaccines

        So what you’re saying is that you support measles, mumps, rubella, polio, small pox, hepatitis and many other horrible diseases? Yeah, way to speak out against vaccines! What a wonderful stand to take!

        • Mr.Porter

          They put mercury in vaccines. Go look up what mercury can do to you.

          • Perspective

            What’s sad is that it is only the tip of the iceberg. Anyways, to the other person, of course I don’t support those things. Who in the right mind would??. At the same time though, who in the right mind would market a product that has BAD effects?. If someone really wants to be healthy and avoid diseases, cancer and so on, they’d stop taking vaccines filled with chems that destroy the body and brain, stop eating processed foods, stay away from radiation(Wifi, cell phones, ect.), eat as naturally as possible, stop using non-natural pharmaceutical drugs that cause most of the health problems we have had and jeeze, I could keep going. I apologize to those people bothered by this post and my other posts. Also for ranting, lol. I’m just passionate about these things.

          • semi

            You may be passionate, but you are wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. You are what we call a “nutter.”

            Try educating yourself. Here’s a start… look up the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

            Look up the death rates of diseases like smallpox, polio, diphtheria and rubella before vaccines were available. Look up what your chances of survival are if you are bit by a rabid animal and don’t get the rabies vaccine.

            Look up the average human lifespan pre-modern medicine.

            Look up what the chemical differences are between a “natural” and “non-natural” substance. Hint: there aren’t any.

            Sitting on your bum all day playing video games is no reason to go through life being stupid.

          • End User

            Here’s a start… realize that most reduction in disease correlate better to improvements in general sanitation and hygiene than with vaccines. Maybe next you can check some stats on infant mortality vs number of vaccines given per country (hint: countries with more vaccines have higher rates of infant mortality). Did you know that in India polio has been eradicated… except for the cases that have actually been caused by the vaccine?

            There’s no chemical difference between “natural” and “non-natural” substances? So a drug or additive that’s made from petrochemicals that have been processed through a phalanx of toxic chemicals is “no different” from something consumed in its natural formulation? So aspartame that is made by feeding chemicals to genetically engineered E.coli bacteria (yes, aspartame is literally E.coli excrement) is the same as raw sugar?

            Go ahead and spout about “nutters;” these are verifiable facts.

            RF waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation. Go stick your head in a microwave and tell me how that works out for you.

            I know it’s really hip to play too-cool-for-school and call people that actually have educated themselves (as opposed to letting someone else “educate” them) “nutters” and whatnot, but it won’t protect you from what’s really going on in this world. It just makes you look like an arrogant twit.

          • SpaceCaptainWarlock

            The preservative thimerisol has a trace amount of mercury, yes. Mercury can also be found in many foods as well. Not only is the amount of mercury in thimerisol well below the dangerous level, they now make vaccines that don’t have it. Even if thimerisol caused so-called “vaccine injury” the risk is far outweighed by the risk from the diseases the vaccines prevent. Thanks to people like you that completely ignore the science on this subject, we’ve seen a resurgence of some horrible diseases like measles.

          • Todd Jones

            Thimerosal is a mercury-containing preservative used in some vaccines
            and other products since the 1930’s. There is no convincing evidence of
            harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor
            reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site. However, in
            July 1999, the Public Health Service agencies, the American Academy of
            Pediatrics, and vaccine manufacturers agreed that thimerosal should be
            reduced or eliminated in vaccines as a precautionary measure.



    • I don’t know what’s worse, you thinking that the GPU in Durango is low end or thinking that Sony won’t also ship the PS Eye with every PS4.

      • jonesck1

        He’s right, notice the Move LED sensor light now comes standard on PS4 controllers.

        • DarthDiggler

          That doesn’t mean you should expect Wii style gameplay in every game. It’s just another feature for developers to utilize. SixAxis would have been great if it had worked well, adding the light bar will give more fidelity with those movements.

      • GESevolved

        The fuck? You no go to school and learn correct grammar?

        • DarthDiggler


          “The fuck? You no go to school and learn correct grammar?”

          Seriously? 🙂

          Someone is the pot calling the kettle black. 🙂

          • GESevolved

            It was a play on words. The original comment was written the same exact way, but has since been deleted.

      • End User

        And if that new PS Eye is a *requirement* just to use the system, then I’ll definitely have a problem with that as well.

  • hon

    iPhone 6 will maul this

    • DarthDiggler

      LOL 🙂 Have fun with Angry Birds. 🙂

  • Hugo Andrade

    Me likes, kinect 2.0, illumination system, blu-ray… in one package. Install the game on HDD but you can play while the game is installed on the hdd… no problem at all.

    • jkl

      There is no illumination system. It was a prototype tech that used big expensive projector hanged behind the player. It won’t be in the new xbox.

    • DarthDiggler

      I wouldn’t bank on Illumiroom making it’s way to the Xbox for launch. There is a reason they branded that video Microsoft Research Labs. They can pretty much advertise vaporware that way. Remember all the features that Kinect had when they revealed it?

  • raudskeggr

    – Always on, Always connected
    – Kinect sold with every console, wider FOV, no motors, better tracking
    – Kinect is required to be plugged in
    – All games must be installed on HDD [you can start playing few secs after installation starts], game data streaming from optical disc not supported

    • jonesck1

      From my understanding, Kinect required to be plugged in during initial setup. Once set up you can chuck it out a window if you like lol.

  • boxerlvr

    I keep clicking on the ‘Durango Specs’ link, but it won’t load…

  • Sonic

    is this the old pre december alpha crap?

  • sonic

    why was my last comment removed? it was a legit question…

    • Maynard_VGL

      Sonic, no comment from you has been deleted. In fact we are seeing two of them right now.

  • ThetruthofKayle

    this is pretty much the superday leak…so it mean 1 year and more….old

  • ThetruthofKayle


  • MrX_VGL

    Please, respect other opinions. We don’t want to delete comments. Remember: Do not do to others what you would not want done to you.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

  • ddd

    lol A kid could fake program these windows

  • deedle

    i assume that it means it will work like a pc where you install and never need the disc again. that will eliminate the option for used games, what about video game rental??? would you just get a temporary license or something? that would be cool if you could rent games off of xbl. but in that case, RIP gamefly, RIP blockbuster///all rental places

  • Pong 75

    I hope M$ enjoys the death of their console. Idiots. DRM, always on, always connected… It’s a video game console, lets leave it at that.. I don’t need Netflix constant updates, people tracking my every move, what games I buy, ect… I need a system where I put a game in and it plays.. Whether its on my system, a friends, playing a used game or what not.. I have a smart TV for all the other crap they try to jam into these so called “game consoles” nowadays.. Lets get back to the basics and just game…

    • jonesck1

      Let’s see, the way it is now on the PS3, you turn on the console and wait for the boot up, then if there’s a firmware update, you’re asked to install and you’re taken through a few pages of a license agreement that you accept at the end, then wait for a download (which could take a while depending on your connection) and install which requires a reboot, then for the 2nd time have to wait for the PS3 to boot, then you insert your newly purchased game and guess what? It requires an install, you wait for the install to complete and finally the game is ready to be played… but wait, there’s an update for this game to play online… Yikes!! MS is making it so that you never have to boot the console, never have to install a firmware update, game update or wait for a game to install, simply insert the game you want to play and you’re instantly off to enjoy it, call me crazy but that sounds like a huge improvement over the current setup.

      • themuIe

        PS4 also does that, it was detailed in the reveal conference.

      • Zuxs13

        Yeahthey are making it that way IF and only IF you have a high-speed internet connection. 100 Million people in the US alone still do not.

      • Pong 75

        Problem is, not just with M$ but with Sony and Nintendo too… What I was trying to express is there is no need for all these updates, and extras like Netflix and crap.. I would much rather go back to the days where you put a cartridge (a game for all you young folks) in and the game was ready to play… No dashboard, no music, no video crap.. Just a game.. The consoles these days have way too much going on… Like I said I have a smart TV that does all that other crap so why should I have to pay for a device that does that when I already have a TV that does that… So I am paying for things I will never use.. Plus for people like me that don’t have a broadband connection at home because I live in rural area cant be connected at the speeds required.. The other thing that peeves me off is the fact games are so short these days, because of online play.. Developers are not creating game that are good, long, and adventurous anymore because it has all gone to being online… For instance COD Black OPS, I completed in one night… Really, and it cost $65.. So M$ getting rid of the ability to play used games is ridiculous as well…. So this maybe the first generation of consoles I wont buy since I started gaming back in the 70’s.. Sad really, they want to make a game consoles into a multimedia disaster…

        • DarthDiggler

          “there is no need for all these updates, and extras like Netflix and crap.”

          The PS3 is one of the most popular Netflix clients out there. You are in the minority thinking that people don’t want additional features that aren’t necessarily gaming related. The nice thing is these features are completely optional. So you don’t need to use them.

          “I would much rather go back to the days where you put a cartridge … in and the game was ready to play… No dashboard, no music, no video crap.. Just a game.”

          Well consoles have become social too, if the console makers were to remove those features online gaming would be a shit storm without a friends list. I like seeing what my friends are up to. Also this is another optional feature for the most part. You don’t want to play movies and music on your console? Go for it. Want it to boot up games when you put them in the console? That is a option in the settings. Your time on the dashboard is minimal if you setup your system properly (well at least I know PS3 has those features).

          “Like I said I have a smart TV that does all that other crap so why should I have to pay for a device that does that when I already have a TV that does that.”

          Well good for you, you have a SmarTV not everyone does. You do realize the world doesn’t revolve around you right? Sony, MS and Nintendo make consoles for a very wide audience (and they should).

          “So I am paying for things I will never use.”

          The cost of the console OS is a fraction of the cost of the hardware. In terms of the teams and skill sets required to build hardware it is much more expensive than building a User Interface. You are paying for it, but it is literally pennies on the dollar. 😛

          “Plus for people like me that don’t have a broadband connection at home because I live in rural area cant be connected at the speeds required.”

          So in a world that is becoming rapidly more connected you want the big console manufactures to cater to people without internet connections? Well it sounds to me like you will be a PS4 customer, considering MS’s draconian online requirements.

          “The other thing that peeves me off is the fact games are so short these days, because of online play.”

          Man you are just filled with myths, cliches and generalizations.

          Any game that has a significant single player portion (IE: Tomb Raider, God of War, etc) there will be 2 teams working on the game. One for Multiplayer and one for Singleplayer. While it is true your average action shooter/adventure game generally has a 6-10 hour campaign this really isn’t that much shorter than what came before. Hell the original God of War could be beat in like 3-4 hours.

          Gamers appetites are much bigger now. Worlds need to be large, cut scenes have full motion capture with quality voiceover. All this stuff eats away at a games budget which tends to lead to shorter experiences.

          On the other hand this generation you have games like Skyrim which certainly buck the short game trend. I would agree that games are shorter, but the ride they provide is much more robust. Also when you get down to it when you determine cost per hour, games are generally still cheaper than Movies (especially if you get popcorn and snacks).

          “Developers are not creating game that are good, long, and adventurous anymore because it has all gone to being online… For instance COD Black OPS, I completed in one night… Really, and it cost $65.”

          Has Call of Duty ever been known for a long campaign? No. Some people who buy COD never play the single player. The example you use is pretty much the worst one you could pick out and you did so to prove a point.

          “Sad really, they want to make a game consoles into a multimedia disaster…”

          Get an internet connection (not sure how you are commenting on this site without one) and maybe you will see the need for many of these additional features.

          EDIT: You don’t have highspeed internet but you do have a SmarTV? Weird.

      • DarthDiggler

        “MS is making it so that you never have to boot the console, never have to install a firmware update, game update or wait for a game to install, simply insert the game you want to play and you’re instantly off to enjoy it, call me crazy but that sounds like a huge improvement over the current setup.”

        Well Sony has a system on a chip that will do the exact same thing. Although firmware updates will be required for PS4 and Xbox 720.

      • Blarg

        And if you have PS+ (which is cheaper than a standard-price year of Gold), then the PS3 does all those things automatically at four in the morning.

    • DarthDiggler

      While I don’t want my friends on facebook to track my every move, I like the concept of PlayStation World which will be a social network for gamers. Also having the ability to find my friends on Facebook who play PS4 will be cool too.

      As long as they add settings so you can control what is published I don’t mind.

  • lcrowter

    Calling bullshit as soon as I saw that Blu Ray is on it, I highly doubt Microsoft would work WITH their competitors on something like this. I would have expected a proprietary optical drive as opposed to BD.

    • Zuxs13

      Bluray isnt their competitions. Sony is part of a consortium that founded the Bluray format, they did not invent it or own the patent for it.

      • hon

        yes, Apple holds the most important patents on blu-ray

        • apple

          Apple holds almost all the patents on everything…

      • lcrowter

        I could probably have worded that a bit better but my point is that Sony are the big daddy behind BluRay. If I remember correctly, Microsoft were pretty big on HD DVD. I would have expected them to use some sort of version of that designed for faster read/write + capacity.

        • DarthDiggler

          It would be hella expensive for MS to put out a proprietary Optical Drive format. I think DreamCast did that — how well did that work out?

  • Ricardo M

    ejercito pajero de duxa 😀

  • anon
  • Matthew van der Haas

    I wonder what that “View this topic online in your default browser” url is

  • Rusy_Trojan

    Are you people that dense? The problem with this is that the games resell value has diminished incredibly. Plus, mandatory internet connection always.

    You buy a new game from Gamestop for $59.99. You go home, install the game onto your new XBOX “Durango” and then are prompted with “Please type in disk key” to unlock & play, which probably comes included in the box on a piece of paper. And that code is then authorized via the internet and NOW you can play your game. Without internet connection to make sure its legit, the game will not run. A week passes and you finished the game and want to trade it in for a new game. This is where the problems begin.

    Gamestop will now probably give you a $5-$10 store credit for trade in. Because without an UNUSED or UNREGISTERED “unlock code” to go with the game, its a WORTHLESS disc. But, more than most likely you can buy a new code off the XBOX store for whatever price they set. Most likely around $35-$45 dollars. They already do this with most games that have successful online play, they charge for online multiplayer codes with used games (around $15 presently). So, where you would have gotten a reasonable $30-$40 in store credit towards a new game, you get practically no credit because that $60 investment depreciated 90% when you first played it. Anyways, in the end, you’ll spend MORE money for games than ever before and there is a good chance you’ll want to sell your GameStop stock ASAP. Microsoft wins around every corner on this and you, me and Gamestop have to dig deeper in our pockets just to play. Plus without a constant net hookup you cant play. And they’ll probably make you pay for Xbox Live on top of it all just to play a used game you paid twice as much for than if it were new. Microsoft is absolutely insane for even thinking this greedy.

    Does it make sense now?

    • ILoveLamp1

      Xbox Live is free with a silver membership, so as long as you have internet you’re. Its not that big of a deal, its not just gamestop the companies are fighting over its modded consoles.

      • ILoveLamp1

        you’re fine*

    • Rusy_Trojan

      Before the obvious gets thrown back @ me, half of what I stated could be fixed by always having to insert the disc into the system to activate the game, even after installation. Wouldn’t need an “unlock code” if that were the case. But, if that were the case, why bother installing the ENTIRE game? To save a few moments of load time and hog up an entire HD? Seems contradictory… And redundant, if you want to play more games and have to delete old ones and maybe one day re-install them again… IDK, this new Microsoft stuff makes my head spin. Oh well, as w/all leaks, we’ll have to wait and see…

    • DarthDiggler

      I have never seen an online pass go for more than $9.99 USD.

  • marcofdeath

    I think that based on the fact that the Dkit from Vgleaks 1 year old is a POWER PC CPU ,AMD GPU soc 1x is xbox lite. I can see it being a POWER PC CPU + AMD GPU 2x as the xbox Pro. Then the XDK from Vgleaks can stay the same for the work all ready done by their programmers. These are still First Gen games for a new system. Vgleaks:DDR3 8GB RAM , well that’s great for a $200 set top box,but i can up that for a xbox Pro and the code will work just fine. Stacked DRAM on top of each other on the GPU die so that the GPU can directly communicate with them and this would lead to an 1 TB/s memory bandwidth on GPU this will be the xbox Pro. So i do thank that this is from a xbox lite and not the xbox Pro.

    • DarthDiggler

      Sounds like a lot of speculation in what you just said. I wouldn’t bank on 1 TB/s memory bandwidth.

  • Hecc-MA

    Great it reduces reading of opticals and you get to sell the game as almost new in the future.

  • Mitesh Ghanekar

    they are trying to make it more like a pc, there wont be any storage shortage because we manage to install games on our pcs and still have space to spare.

  • Adi

    The wording is so weird in those screenshots. It doesn’t remind me of any Microsoft written documentation.

  • Brett Becraft

    If there is a scenero where there is not any second hand games then I assume the games will be much much cheaper

    • Shawn Schaitel

      Nope it won’t because the average game cost 30 to 60 million dollars to develop

  • Alex Desmond

    does anyone know the size of these game will be because i keep on hearing 50 or 60 GB but i assume that is most likely speculations.

  • wint3rmute

    When MS says always on, MS is talking about power states like the Wii. The always connected feature means that IF the console is connected to the internet, it will be able to DL patches for games/console while its in essentially sleep mode.

    The doc says nothing about drm or used games. Just that games need to be installed (while you are playing. It does not mean that another user can’t install the game from disk. You probably just need the disc to play whats installed as it is currently.

  • wint3rmute

    And another point, the kinect might just be built into the system instead of a peripheral like it is now. People are drawing a lot of connections between the always connected part and that MS might watch you in your living room.

    What we don’t know, is if the box even has the power to be constantly uploading compressing/decompressing that kinect video 24/7, which I imagine is pretty hard to do, especially if a user is using bandwidth for netflix, MP games etc…

  • Jeff Pee

    if the next xbox won’t let you play from the disc how big of a HDD will i have? How big will next gen games be? more than 10, 20, 30 gigs.. or more? You’ll need a pretty big HDD on that thing.

  • Mr.Porter

    Will there be an offline mode? What are the reasons that I can’t use it without a kinect? Will there be DRM?(which has been rumored) If there is DRM how will it be managed? Will turning it off be a problem?

    Things that I’m more curious with right now.

    • Jeff Pee

      my main concern about this always online thing is look what happened to EA and SimCity… and their not the only one’s this has happened to. It seems like no company is ever prepared for it. What would happen if their was no offline mode and the servers went down due to the initial traffic?

  • Matuna

    Kinect sensor required = No buy

  • Microsoft may need to ship an enormous HDD to accommodate all the installs. Otherwise I only see positives here.

  • Jason Owens

    If i cant play my games when my net gos out i will not get this shit box

  • zwa

    So basically, install to hard-drive and need disc to load and play. Isn’t that just a pc?

  • Why is this whole discussion about the damn dowload to the hard drive what about the fact that youll need kinect sensor installed for the system to operate…Sounds like spy software to me… And oh how about the ability to add charges to your netflix or such viewings of PPV because now they will know how many people are viewing it, IE you will have to buy programming for the number of people viewing it cause the system is requiring you to have a camera looking at you even to operate the system….oh and it will have an always on type of conection with these new IR sensors way too much advance spy hardware for my liking! An interesting article to read

  • Cipero

    Why are they naming this after a bad looking SUV?

  • Why would Microsoft do this….
    It’s very bad enough with DLC and plus if they do it there are gonna end up losing a lot of money very badly and poorly and plus what if people don’t have an Internet connection or a computer or what if people love to have a games on a disc CD DVDs etc… I would love to have a very cool and awesome Video Game collection of XBOX,XBOX 360 and XBOX 720 on Disc’s in my room. I mean i would like to have games on a Disc not to download them. I mean come on that’s is a very fucking stupidly. I would really love to go to a local Video Game store to buy Used Video Games or New Video Games….
    Like GameStop,Play N Trade,etc…



    “Durango would require a permanent internet connection,” writes Vgleaks. [emphasis theirs] “Yes, if you want to play a single adventure, you would have to be online. Whatever you will play, you must be online. Take the time machine and come back 3 years ago to erase the responsible person.” [emphasis ours]

    Likewise, the new system reportedly will not “operate” unless “a new high-fidelity Kinect Sensor” is attached, which will reportedly be sold with the console, granting the new Xbox eerie Big Brother-like powers.

    As the current Xbox 360 Kinect device is already equipped with motion sensors, infrared sensors (enabling it to map out environments – like your room – and detect different faces), a multi-array microphone (capable of distinguishing different voices) and a 640×480 pixel VGA camera (enabling it to see as we do), we can expect the next Kinect’s technology to be exponentially more intricate and dangerous.

    These additional nuances might be argued as expected and even necessary in the Internet age we live in, where everything from dishwashers to refrigerators are connected, but Microsoft also recently applied for patents that could take information obtained to a frighteningly new Orwellian level.

    The website Beta Beat reported last year that “Back in 2011, Microsoft applied for a patent that would allow cameras and sensors, much like the ones embedded in the Kinect, to track how many people are in a room. Developed by Microsoft’s ‘incubation team,’ which is where they test new approaches to hardware, the patent was recently made public. They’re calling the invention a ‘consumer detector’ and it’s just as frightening as it sounds.”

    Beta Beat goes on, “Once it has identified how many people are there–and even who is there–the device will charge for content accordingly. If you pay for one content license but then more viewers join the room, it could halt playback and request that you pay for a different license. That means if you plan to have a movie marathon sleepover, Microsoft would like to charge you extra copyright money for the pleasure of snuggling and watching horror movies.”

    In response to a Wall Street Journal article titled, “Is Your Videogame Machine Watching You?” Microsoft issued a statement regarding privacy and Xbox: “Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE do not use any information captured by Kinect for advertising targeting purposes. Microsoft has a strong track record of implementing some of the best privacy protection measures in the industry. We place great importance on the privacy of our customers’ information and the safety of their experiences.”

    While Microsoft’s response attempts to quell our concerns about privacy, it does not address the fact that Microsoft can, and most likely will, be spying on its customers, regardless of whether or not they are selling consumer information to advertisers.

    • Randall Johnson

      This is vgleaks, not vgconspiracytheories.

      • FREEDOM

        LOL actually its the user-agreement , READ IT !!!

        • Randall Johnson

          Who’s user-agreement? That sounds like an article from a conspiracy site.

          • Perspective

            Clearly, Randal, if you asked that then you obviously didn’t pay attention to his post and not only that but now you’re trying to make it seem as if conspiracy websites, which have NOTHING to do with any of this in the first place, aren’t credible?. Are you one of those people who knee jerk at and condemn those who address certain things within many perspectives?.

          • Randall Johnson

            It’s an incredibly negative perspective, if you ask me. I had a different perspective, and you “knee jerked and condemned” me for not agreeing with FREEDOM.

            Also, you could do well to spell my name right. It was spelled for you.

          • Perspective

            Negative perspective or not, it’s still a serious perspective to look at and be aware of. No perspective should be disregarded no matter how far it goes out of limitation of belief nor should it be ignored for not being positive. We have to be prepared to bring these serious perspectives to the surface. Anyways, you and I both know that the one who has done any ”knee jerking” or ”condemning” hasn’t been me. As a matter of fact, you assumed, based on no evidence whatsoever, that I said anything related to you agreeing with the user FREEDOM. I merely asked you whether or not you knee-jerk and condemn those who look at things through many perspectives. I asked this due to curiosity of your comment where you assumed that the user agreement FREEDOM referred to, came off a website where people research things within all possibility and ask questions based upon multiple conclusions that they came to due to the research they’d done(Conspiracy Theorists). So with that being said, I’ll ask you again, are you one of those people who knee-jerk and condemn those who act as I have described above?.

            I apologize for spelling your name wrong. I’m more focused on what’s going on rather than minor things such as someones screename.


    People throughout the world could soon be voluntarily outfitting their homes with indefinitely active cameras, infrared sensors and microphones if they purchase Microsoft’s new Xbox video game console, slated for release sometime next year.

    According to leaked screen captures, the new console, codenamed “Durango,” will be “Always On, Always Connected,” meaning it will require a perpetual Internet connection, in addition to a new high-fidelity Kinect Sensor, “which will be required for the system to operate,” representing a huge win for Big Brother in infiltrating homes across the across the world under the guise of trendiness.

    Being touted as a measure to ensure “software and games are always current,” the new Xbox will not allow users to play games unless a permanent Internet connection is established, according to leaked screenshots obtained by the website Vgleaks.

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    Anybody can fake something like this

    Some Proof this is real please?

  • allen

    You are all forgetting that you have to be connected to the internet at all times to even play a game period. If it wasn’t like that it would be no big deal. But it is. No internet, no play. Vote with your pocketbook and stay away if it’s going to be like that.ano

  • hugo pywell

    *Ahem* cloud storage. *ahem* always connected

  • trekx

    NOTHING IS FACT UNTIL MICROSOFT ANNOUNCES IT !! I doubt they will piss off every gamer and require you to install your games or block used games they are smart enough to know that no one would but an next gen Xbox if they did …

  • zwa
  • Glass

    If it was windows 8 metro style it would be more believable.

  • Lezleigh Fairchild

    Looks Like I’m Done w/ Gaming. Ah Well. Big Brother Can Watch U w/ The Kinect That Never Cuts Off.

  • Kevyne Collins

    I love how every Sony fanboy general showed up to bash this. Then spread false “truths” around through the ass channels that are their information hubs.

    What I read is that you “can”, not “have to” or “is mandatory”, have the system always on and always connected if you have an internet channel. That way, you can seamlessly download updates. Notice how some fanboys have the ability to twist a single word to drastically change the message. But we also have to remember that fanboys are the trolls of the internet, and should not be considered a “core” or “hardcore” gamer. They range in age from 8 to 17. Babies. As we all should know by now, kids tend to blow up truths. “My penis is this big” should be construed as “My penis is this small”. Moving on…

    Quit mentioning DRM. Whoever started that rumor, which is what it is, set a fire and then ran into the dry shrubs that is the internet. It is a non-factor because it is a term that 90 percent cannot define other than “DRM means Microsoft’s downfall.” HOWEVER, used games could disappear, and I am fine with that. But I am only fine with that if I see a price cut of either 15 or 20 bucks. Price increase is not an option.

    LASTLY!! I read that thing up there. Kinect is mandatory. Bad job by Microsoft there, but not what you’re thinking. I think they meant “Kinect will be mandatory sold with every console”. I also believe the kit will require developers to use Kinect, which is essentially Microsoft forcing developers to be innovative with Kinect since they refused to use it last generation. It really is an awesome technology that was bashed because most people saw that it was use with Kinect dedicated games, which were family games. If Kinect is used right by developers, it becomes one of the must have accessories in the world because your body and voice are extra buttons added to the controller.

    So, glad I could clear this up for you. You’re welcome. Microsoft, hurry up and announce what is actually true and quit letting Sony fans mislead the uniformed.

    • Russell Gorall

      Speaking of fanboys…

    • defiance187

      This the most intelligent thing i have read on the web about next gen consoles in a long time. TYVM

  • Joseph

    Guys, here are the PS4 and Xbox 720 comparisons I know so far based on what I know.

    – Both are 8-core
    – Xbox is x64, PS4 is x86
    – Xbox has 8GB of DRAM/ESRAM, PS4 has 8GB of DDR5 RAM (DDR5 is faster)
    – Xbox goes at 170 GB/s (combined from DRAM/ESRAM), PS4 goes at 176 GB/s

    – Xbox is 1.23 TFLOPS, PS4 is 1.84 TFLOPS
    – Xbox has 12 or 14 compute units, PS4 has 18 compute units
    – Xbox has 12 shader cores, PS4 has about 14(estimated)

    So overall, PS4 is winning, but Xbox could prevail in software and graphics again. And besides, all these specs are rumors or the Xbox. We all thought PS4 would be 4GB, but it turned out 8, so xbox might change as well.

  • epobirs

    Those who forget the past…

    You all appear to have forgotten that the original Xbox copied a portion of every game you played to the hard drive to minimize load times during the game. But it never ran out of space. Why do you suppose that is? It’s for the simple reason that only four games were retained at any one time. If you played a fifth game the files for that overwrote the least used game on the HD. Since the disc was always required to initiate a game it was entirely transparent to the users but the performance was far better than other consoles’ version of the same game where multi-platform was the case.

    Maintaining a portion of the hard drive that intelligently allocates space for the games most often played and allows files copied form disc to be erased if space is needed and they’ve seen little use is not a big deal. DVRs do a similar thing when they’re asked to record beyond their drive capacity. The oldest or designated lowest priority items get erased until enough space is available.

  • Vincenzo

    Any chance to get chm file?? I would liek to have a deep read of it!

  • NickG

    where link?

  • Any chance to have the documentation files (chm)? I am really interested!

  • I am crazy about xbox