Many gamers are really hyped with the next Batman game. Rocksteady is developing the first “Batman: Arkham” title exclusively for the new consoles and PC. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will receive, initially, Batman: Arkham Knight this year.

The problem here is that, according to this rumor, the wait may be longer that we thought: Batman Arkham: Knight may have been delayed to 2015.

batman arkham knight 2 600x333 Rumor: Batman Arkham: Knight may have been delayed to 2015 | VGLeaks 2.0

The rumor comes straight from WonderCon, after the DC All Access Panel showed the trailer for the game, the DC editors Mike Cotton, Shelly Bond (in charge of Vertigo), and Jim Chadwick (in charge of digital) reminded the audience that this is no longer a 2014 project but a 2015 project.

However,  the release date remains unchanged in Rocksteady’s official site, so we must take this with loads of salt.

Stay tuned.

Via | GameRanx & Bleeding Cool