Final Fantasy XV will be exclusive on PS4


Square-Enix has had problems in the current gen, I suspect that the company couldn’t adapt Final Fantasy and other IPs to the HD era. Moreover, the first version of FF14 was a downfall, this game forced to stop the development of other games to focus in the rebuild of FF14. Really it’s like a new game.

Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy Versus XIII years ago and the game was lost in the limbo. Square decided to halt Versus PS3 development two years ago, but the RPG wasn’t cancelled, why? Two years ago, Square-Enix moved the game to PS4 and Sony got in the project.

ff xv 600x337 Final Fantasy XV will be exclusive on PS4 | VGLeaks 2.0

Actually Sony is co-developing the game with Square-Enix, therefore, this game will be exclusive on PS4.

Square-Enix renamed Versus to Final Fantasy 15 in the middle of this process. Sony’s studios are helping SE with FF15 assets among other tasks.

We hinted this PS4 exclusive one month ago, but we couldn’t speak freely about this topic. Now, it’s all that we can say.

  • Dimon78

    Hope you are true,FF must return to be a Playstation exclusive.So i guess we will see this at E3 like SE said at Playstation Meeting?

    • MrX_VGL

      Hi Dimon78,

      That’s the idea, but we can’t confirm that point.

      • Bolly

        Can you atleast confirm what type of source you have?

        • MrX_VGL

          No, sorry. We don’t want to compromise our source situation.

          • Bolly

            I suppose we just gotta wait and see, I doubt this leak will pick up alot without some type of evidence. Despite the fact that VGleaks has proven reliable already. Get him to leak a pic haha

          • Edgar

            It’s ok, but we’d like to know at least if it is “only” one of neogaf/gamefaqs users. That’s because in these days both sites gave birth to lots of rumor by “insiders” (not reliable people).
            I hope your source is not one of those people. How much do you know about your source?

          • MrX_VGL

            Hi Edgar, I don’t know I’m not a GAF member, so, I don’t know if our sources are members of GAF or Gamefaqs. I know that people for their real names, I have treated with them directly without nicknames or something similar.

          • Edgar

            Thanks for the answer (I thought you would not). Can I ask more?
            How much do you know this/these guy? I noticed that this news does NOT talk about it like “a rumor”, but it says “FFversusXIII PS4 exclusive. This is the absolute truth”. The web is FULL of stupid trolls… especially when we talk about FF. How can you say he/they is not one of those?

    • Josh Sinclair

      Yes, because FF was ALWAYS a Sony Franchise.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        It was only ever a Nintendo-system-exclusive because Nintendo was monopolistic and had them sign up exclusivity contracts like MOST developers at the time, Squaresoft gladly left Nintendo as soon as someone better – Sony – came along.

        Most people see Final Fantasy as a PlayStation-centric franchise. I’d have to agree with that.

  • The Truth

    I hope it’s true, I see Nintendo and Sony as the last bastion of console gaming, and I want PS4 to bitch slap the next Xbox with it’s payed online system and yankee doodle dandy view of the video game world shared by other western dick wads like IGN and Gametrailers and their doritos pope. All these suckers care about is video games with guns, tits and advertising revenue.

    • Shulk

      Not to mention how much COD has fallen but the fans buy every COD game

      • Vince Farrell

        Not a fan of the COD franchise, but I bought the last one. It’s a pretty good multiplayer game (campaign not so much).

    • Agree on everything u say

    • Ironmanxrs2

      Yes – unlike the Japanese with schoolgirls, boobs and tentacles? Get off your high horse.

    • Lars

      dumbest comment i’ve read in a while. but kudos, made me laugh! all you were talking about are japanese games. pathetic schoolgirl crap or similar,

      while western developers actually create work of art, like journey, heavy rain and try to put actual story in games (still at the beginning).

      But yeah, the Box sucks. Not because it is western (what a dumb comment, you know the PS4 is almost completely made by Americans, right?), but because it has no good exclusives. And Nintendo sucks too, because they make crap games.

      • Alberto

        journey is a one of the most cool expirience I had with video games, ut isnt heavy rain made from quantic dreams, a french company, just saying, I think american games can be great but actually like everything the combination of collective minds made the best games… and hell your right there are som fucked up japonesse games that suck, but some are works of art, like I say above, nino kuni, shadow of colossus, journey, flower, metal gear (all of them) I actually not a fan at all of FPS, i play them but is not my taste, I hate that perpective, I for some reason I find it cheap, you get to ignore to much physics in that view hahahahaha

      • wint3rmute

        You are extremely ignorant and clearly a fanboy. Eastern developers create works of art as well, Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword are incredible, Lost Odyssey, Bayonetta, Ni No Kuni, I could go on for quite a while.

        There are awesome exclusives from all 3 consoles and PC as well as great games from both the east and the west.

        Please stop ruining the internet.

        • Nicholas Gatewood

          Wahahahaha, Bayonetta a work of art, that’s HILARIOUS. Bayonetta’s filth, it’s one of those games that kinda lost Japanese developers a lot of my respect. Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword aren’t anything special, they were pretty generic – like Nintendo had phoned it all in or something.

          He made some good points, and some bad points. Mostly dumb ones though.

          • wint3rmute

            The only games you think suck are games that are only on Nintendo systems now….

            You so obvious, obvious troll.

          • Jecht315

            Generic? Do you know what the word means? Probably not from what I can tell.

        • ctrlpickup

          i agree with you! Wonderful games!!

      • Gregory Edcius

        2 fucking games in how many years ?

      • bakkamona

        An idiot american as always…

        • Maynard_VGL

          No need to post that, bakkamona

    • alberto

      yes!! agree actually if you ask me I love JRPG and the last exclusive from ps3 nino kuni is a hell of a game, great graphics, great story, that is a real game,… but people keep buying COD and one game that was a complete disspaiment GTAIV… and people say its great, I do not undertand current “hardcore” gamers…

    • wint3rmute

      I have always bought sony for the FF exclusives. This gen I was more interested in Gears of War, Fable and Forza so I went with them after finding out 13 wasn’t exclusive.

      Since MS ruined Fable and I don’t much care about the other two, if their FF game is truly an exclusive I will buy a ps4. And then I just need to wait for a zelda/metroid/3d mario/f-zero game for the wii u and I’ll be happy.

      • btjam

        destiny will be exclusive too

    • fistsofjustice

      Here here! You deserve a medal.

    • lubba

      Xbox is more than what you mentioned. Sorry but your rant is irrelevant to me. I own an Xbox and I know what its like. I also have a PS3 and I prefer the xbox360.

      • Jaimes

        I’m just the opposite, I swapped my 360 for a PS3 and have never regretted it for a second, even when the network was down due to Anonymous shenanigans.

      • Abstractpurpose

        I have both to. Nothing wrong with either however sony does have a massive list of exclusives that are great while xbox only has halo fable and gears that are worth mentioning. Sony also gave subscribers over 400 dollars in free downloadables last year while xbox did not. And besides ps has bluray so by default there guarenteed the best video audio quality. So final result is both systems are good but ps3 has far more to offer

    • Carlos Romero

      You’re my freaking idol man! I really support tha fact that this industry is dying thanks to american developers, for developing crappy games like the infinite Call of Duty franchise, the senseless violent games like Grand Theft Auto or the supposed RPGs like Mass Effect or Skyrim (which are crap by the way). And yes, I also agree that Nintendo and Sony are the only responsibles of why this industry is dying, but also, why only them can save it.

      • Krathos

        Please get the fuck out, Skyrim was an amazing game. you are clearly using a fanboy point of view. Skyrim was an amazing RPG and if you think otherwise you obviously dont know RPG’s well at all.

        • Carlos Romero

          I’ve played more RPGs than you, I can bet it. And Skyrim is not RPG (role-playing game, got it?), it’s nothing but crap transitioned from the PC to the console marketing. I’d say Skyrim is nothing but an american effort to wipe out JRPGs, but obviously, japanese games are still there, kicking western asses. And probably you’ve only played that crappy game to say that. If you haven’t play Xenoblade, sorry bud.

          • SergioSource

            itt: idiot that thinks all rpgs have to be jrpgs

          • Alexis Serah Duchene

            i know 3 years ago but what a perfect time to come back.. for one i disagree with both op and this retarded cunt here too. filthy fucking weeb right here… lets see currently most japanese based mmorpgs are being shut down or dying excluding ffxiv. koreans however have black desert and now riders of icarus. the last ff game 13 (not -2 or LR) was considered absolute shit by many ff series fans. true fans. and fallout 4 and the witcher were considered the 2 best games of 2016. mass effect isnt even american its canadian and is again amazing just like dragon age. i mean how much marketting outside of japan has xenoblade even received? and how many japanese developers going to try and copy square enix? most jrpgs today are copy pastes of the ff series games. but to say it has ANYTHING to do with where the games come from is plain ignorant. to say americans are ruining games is ignorant. and to say americans only rely on tits guns and gore to sell games is hypocritical with only 2 words for proof… sakura series. which mind you is a great series.i mean lets not forget chrono cross? the game that killed the series right? but knocking 2 games that are amazing and have amazing devs behind him because youre a filthy weeb looks us look bad. i am 100% a fan of todd howards work.. i think skyrim wasnt trying to compete with any specific game type or trying to destroy an entire genre as you seem to believe. it was simply doing what bethesda does best. first person roleplaying games. and if you think it wasnt a rpg then you need to go back to school or something cause it is

      • LJ159

        How on earth can you say that games like Skyrim Suck? Do you even have a brain? Skyrim was what every gamer should dream of! And I am sick of PS douche bags droning on about how Square-Enix sucks just for allowing Xbox players to play FF13! It shouldn’t be about the console and everyone should get the right to play it!

      • Knowles2

        GTA is developed by British game developers.

    • vastreammonster

      You’re an idiot. Nintendo sold out to casuals (I guess you’re a casual) and competition is always good.

    • Bryce Blalex Douglas

      Actually many of the writers at IGN did not support the Xbox One. Like major journalist sites they had to remain neutral-ish

  • anon

    no source whatsoever

    • Gregory Edcius

      And everyone is hyping up.
      I won’t forget what happened with FFXIII’s “ps3 exclusivity” .
      Plus it got postponed for more than a year and it wasn’t even close to 10,7,6 or even the action rpg Crisis Core.
      I’ll will wait for the reviews this time instead of buying a ps4 at launch
      ps. If it’s versus they can shove it up their @%#$ i bought a ps3 for FFXIII and Versus so i’m not double dipping on consoles for 1 game

      • Alexis Serah Duchene

        thats a pretty retarded way to think about something i mean wouldnt it be smart to upgrade to ps4 regardless? i mean ps3 even 3 years ago it was obvious it was going to fade away and now it is

        • Gregory Edcius

          you’re the retard here commenting on something i said 3 years ago and back then i was right the game is not exclusive and it’s versus and it’s not out yet 3 effing years later

          • Alexis Serah Duchene

            cause they werent retards like you and waited for next gen theyre the bad ones??? pretty fucking retarded way to look at something. listen i even stated i was replying to a 3 year old comment. i was expressing my american right to call you a fucking ignorant jackass. and now im going to express that same right and tell you to kill yourself. good day. btw WHO the fuck even cares if its ps4 exclusive. whatever your views on 13 were (i particularly enjoyed it a little grindtacular but manageable) it wasnt the non exclusivity that ruined the game. thats retarded logic “the game sucked because it was also on 360” thats just a childish console war faggot way to look at this. its like saying uncharted would be less of a game for being on 360 and xbone. im sick and tired of gamers blaming other consoles for devs making a game they didnt like. in fact xbox 360 actually was better in this fact. ff13-2 (way better than 13) only way i could get it on ps3 was ps store full price at around 40 at the time. gamestop had a 360 copy brand new for 25. so again ps4 users need to get off there high horse and accept that its not the consoles fault a game sucks

          • Gregory Edcius

            You’re a fucking american i don’t care about your rights and i stopped reading after that so fuck you and have a nice day

  • Stefano Cinghialotto

    Sure is for PS4?
    Because time ago there was a leak to an internal presentation that was saying FFV for Christmas ’13.
    And there was an online dress brand that hinted that they worked on FFV, changing soon after in FFXIII-Versus.
    But as these facts (not rumors) seem to hint more a release on PS3/Wii-U.

    • Bolly

      If it’s been developed for 2 years, on top of VA, on top of artists and world design, character design, story etc etc…2013 Christmas would be fine no? They built the luminous engine ages ago too

  • KnifeAndFork

    But I bought a PS3 for FF versus XIII….

    • Charlie

      I thought I’d get it for the PS3 as well, but the system served me well in a bunch of other departments (Uncharted 1/2/3, inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank, Journey, flower, plus the 3rd party support). I hope they knock this out of the park; I haven’t been interested in a Final Fantasy game in years except for Versus.

      • Pombar

        Honestly I was more interested in Agito XIII/Type-0 than Versus (though Vs did look neat enough), and look at where that led me. SquareEnix have made a massive mess of the past 5 years or so.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Sony co-developing or assisting would be the only reason (that made sense) for Square to release a main title so close to a new console launch.

    I would have thought that Square desperately needed huge sales and a 70+ m gamer base sound more like the way to go.

    My only concern really is, Versus (or XV) being delayed even more waiting for the PS4 sales to increase but with Sony themselves helping, that’s a different story.

    FF XIV has held Square back way too long but the real question is what engine is Square going to use for a possible Versus on the PS4 ?

    Was the problem with Versus technical ? I mean was “Versus” postponed for the same reason the prototype Metal Gear Rising did not work ? (due to the MGS4 engine being unable to provide a 60fps on the PS3)

    • That wasn’t the issue with Metal Gear Solid: Rising, it came down to the team Kojima left developing it not being able to produce a game that could properly implement and balance the gameplay ideas they had in the time they spent on it, the quality and progress wasn’t good enough so Kojima decided the project would be scrapped, until Platinum agreed to co-develop it.

      Versus XIII runs on a proprietary gameplay engine developed specifically for and alongside Versus (with the intention of it also being used for Kingdom Hearts III after Versus’ completion), it also uses Luminous for lighting and likely odds, ends and other tools both SQEX properties and otherwise too.

      As far as the public knows, there’s no “problem” with Versus, info on its development is being kept quiet. Obviously it’s no secret that FFXIV has impacted the development of many games as many staff were reassigned to basically build XIV again from scratch, the result being pretty much a whole new game, and a far superior one at that in it’s current state.

      • This leak makes plenty of sense. It takes a lot of staff, time, resources and money to mae a completely new, current gen, home console entry in a series like Final Fantasy that has expectations of graphics and amount of content. With so many staff working on XIV that must’ve impacted the development of next gen FF titles, namely the next numbered installment. Taking a project like Versus with several years planning and a lot of work done (not to mention unheard leves of world wide hype for the genre) and working directly with Sony in the two years before the PS4 launch to make the best use of the new hardware as possible and start the next generation off better than the beginning of the current one was (for both SQEX and Sony) would be a smart move for both companies.

        It also makes sense why Hashimoto-san appeared with nothing but an old trailer for their new engine and the promise of a Final Fantasy reveal at E3 during the Feb. 20th announcement, if MicroSoft saves their next Xbox announcement for E3 then Sony still have another trick up their sleeve to steal the focus, as well as revealing the look of the PS4 model. Versus has become a bit of a joke, everyone thinks it’s either vapourware or canned, revealing it with a release date and running on the PS4 would certainly be big news, and without big news like that MicroSoft are likely to be hogging the limelight with their new console reveal.

        Whether or not this is true though, I have no idea, but it’s certainly a believable scenario. FFXV (formerly Versus XIII), worldwide PS4 release Q1 2014… very possible. This generation is coming to a close, whether it’s PS3 or PS4, Versus or XV, they have to start promoting it soon, after the disastrous XIV launch and backlash from FFXIII they can’t afford to keep a AAA title in limbo syphoning all their development funds.

  • I loved FF13 and 13-2, fuck the haters

    • Kaz Hirai is my boy

      Like you fucked your standards?

      • KnifeAndFork


      • claptrap

        So your kaz hirai is my boy today are you? Funny because in the past you were kaz hirai ftw and deadmeat in the past. Trolling all Sony stories just isn’t grown up get a life!

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      FF13 and FF13-2 were steps back for the franchise. I don’t care that some people like FF13, some people like animal porn. Doesn’t mean it’s good.

      • good or bad is all about personal taste

      • Carl Anthony Robinson

        The character development was a little rushed, but the stories were solid as were the mechanics and general systems of the games. They weren’t the BEST FF but they certainly weren’t bad games.

        • Nicholas Gatewood

          They were subpar, mediocre, etc. They weren’t bad but they certainly weren’t good. I’d put most other JRPGs of this generation above FF13, no doubt.

  • Cnickers

    lol, we will have fff13-2312341 before we get versus, 7 hd remake and 10hd remake

    • Ron

      Actually 10 HD was announced to be released, and 7 is being released for steam.

  • Moo

    This is lame if it is true. I dont plan of getting any of the next gen consoles anytime soon -_-

  • Miguel Zendejas

    Is not true

  • nikos3639

    This would agreed with an other rumor saying that LR:FF13 has been decided at the very last moment, in order to replace “Versus” on PS3 so Square would not lose technological bricks developped for Versus whwn it was on PS3
    Moreover, Julien Merceron, who is the world technological director at Square, confirmed in november 2012 that LRFF13 was using lots of technological bricks developped for versus in the first place…

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      Wow, makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing, certainly adds some clarity.

  • nikos3639

    So we can say that LRFF13 is some kind of “Versus light” we should had on PS3… 🙂
    Technologically talking of course 🙂

  • gabozero


  • David

    oh man, look at all these sources

  • Haitani

    The exact same news (with footage!) has already been claimed a year ago. Turned out to be a hoax.

  • FTK

    Zeal from Neogaf said he provided these info to you, true?

    • Zeal’s a lying kid making simple predictions, people on other sites have called him out for his inconsistent crap and made up source yet Neogaf is full of info-hungry people who dare not risk break the rules and call him out because of the way that community and it’s moderators are. Don’t waste time on kids like that who want the attention, it’s not worth the bother.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Oh good, thank god, Final Fantasy has been crap ever since FFVIII (with the exception of FFIX). Thank god it isn’t going to taint other consoles *wipes away sweat*

    • shi

      lol really so let me guess FFVII got you too nostalgic

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      FF8, FF9, FF10, FF11 and FF12 are all great. Final Fantasy 8’s combat system’s meh, but the story and art direction were spectacular and I feel it has the best music of the franchise. FF9 is my personal favorite in the series, thought it was great, too. FF10 isn’t my style, but a ton of people love it and I can see why. FF11 is one of the best MMO games ever made. FF12 was a great trip back to Ivalice, with some great music from Hitoshi Sakimoto, wonderful art direction, a really nice combat system and a ton of great side-quests.

      FF13 and FF14 were the only major slip-ups since FF7, Final Fantasy is still one of the best RPG series in history.

      • Zombie_Andrew

        Final Fantasy 8 was terrible, 9 was great, a real return to the original Nintendo ones, 10 was the worst story wise, terrible lead character, and annoying characters all round, 11 just failed in my eyes, 12 I’ve just given up on the series completely, and 13 was just running through corridors over corridors…..

        Two words Xenoblade Chronicles.

        oh and X (Xenoblade 2?!) for Wii U

        • Nicholas Gatewood

          FF11 is a great MMO. Final Fantasy 8 is one of the best games in the series, if the gameplay mechanics weren’t so easy to break I’d consider it one of the very best in the series by far.

          Two words: Xenoblade is only on Nintendo systems, aka the worst hardware on the market, meaning I have no interest.

          Did I say two words? Sorry, I meant “Nintendo sucks.”

          • VIII one of the best? What did you drink? The Junction system was the worst thing that happened to the series.

            Answer me this: If the Wii was the worst hardware of the market, why it is the best sold console of the generation? Why does Wii have the highest rated game of the generation (Mario Galaxy 2 with 98%)? Hey! I’m not a supporter of Mario or Nintendo, I’m a PlayStation guy, but accept the defeat my friend, and most important, accept the facts, the reality, the absolute truth. And the truth is, Nintendo was, is and will always be, the best.

        • Agreed on the X and XI thing. X, really sucked. XI, maybe it was good but not as a numbered Final Fantasy game. And XII, I only have respect for it for Hiroyuki Itou. I miss the Nintendo era with Final Fantasy. And Xenoblade “2” will be the best RPG of all time (I dare to say by now). It has to, because no other RPG has caged my heart since… Xenoblade of course.

  • MrX_VGL

    Please, respect other opinions. We don’t want to delete comments. Remember: Do not do to others what you would not want done to you.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Michelasso

    This wouldn’t make any sense! It has been under development for years on PS3 now. Would they port it to the PS4?

  • Josh Sinclair

    Why not do what they did with “Twilight Princess” and release it for the last gen and port it to the next gen?

    • Caleb

      I assume one of the major reasons for the port was the need for more processing power/memory, this wasn’t the case for Twilight Princess since the Wii and GC were closely matched in terms of hardware specs.

  • whatintheworld?

    Nomura wont release the game until its the way he wants it, bless his soul.

  • nathan

    love it when i am right about a game called it a month and a half ago. from a source I have in the video game industry . they wont let me post the link. sorry for that but i am Shure you can find it if you search other ff15 websites

  • Edgar

    Last time you talked about “FF only for PS4” you were not sure about it.
    But this time… am I wrong or do you seem 200% sure about this?
    I’d like to know how much reliable is your source, because in these last days the web has been invaded by so many and different rumor that we can say for sure: AT LEAST half of them are troll work.

    • nathan

      my source verified to me 3 months ago that its for ps4/720 that its a reworking of ff13 versus into ff15 as the story was loosely tied to ff13. theres know way to prove it without putting my friends job at stake. but I will verify it even if my name is not known in the industry yet I am working towards it though.

      • Edgar

        Not PS4 exclusive?

  • 0 Source.

  • User Name

    WRONG, how is Versus 15? Fucking do a simple google search

    • devidation

      WRONG. learn to read seriously. If this hasn’t been revealed yet how should it possibly have a website already then?

      • bakkamona

        Sorry dude, but the home page is genuine and its there since years ago from now.

        • devidation

          thats the old website from since the announcement it doesn’t mean anything now.

  • Vinci

    Are u updating more info abt FFXV in the near future? So excited !!!!!

  • MK

    It makes sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true.

  • gamingfreak_123

    I stopped reading after the “Square decided to halt Versus PS3 development two years ago”… does anyone not remember the Kotaku rumor of Versus than 2 days later Wada came out and said rumor is false and that Versus is still in production. Rumors are that.. Rumors nothing more.

    • Antonio C. R. Murray

      It’s for real this time as Square-Enix issued a “no comment” stance.

  • CODSniperzXXX

    Final Fantasy sucks big hairy balls

  • KUNA

    i still do not comprehend why people like final fantasy, it is SOOOOOO cheesy and retarded, it always has bad voice acting, it never makes any sense at all those stories, i read a lot of manga, and none comes close to the nonsense of final fantasy. Just go and play xenoblade chronicles, to conclude that NO final fantasy game ever made comes any where close to XB, that is a fact,

    • XIII was for Xbox dumb. Also, you’re right everything you said, Final Fantasy sucks. You said the voice acting and that, I agree on you. Xenoblade is by far, better than any sucker Final Fantasy game. From X to now, but don’t dare to mention the first nine games (except VIII, that really sucked), because you’re playing with fire.

  • if versus 13is ff15….so,whats about agni philosphy???agni philosphy will be ff16?

    • Please let’s not jump into stupid conclusions. You are thinking about a sixteenth installment already, a game is not developed in two years. I correct myself, a good game is not developed in two years. But shamefully, new Final Fantasies aren’t good games anymore.

      Agni’s Philosophy looks even more amazing than Versus does. If that demo is an actual Final Fantasy game, we can think the series did not only return to its majesty, but also made a gigantic step to the future of the same.

      • danielh5

        HAHAHA look at this fool. You claim that Versus XIII looks terrible and then you claim that a tech demo, whose art direction was handled by westerners, which includes AK-47’s, Al Qaeda-esque soldiers, Coca-Cola bottles, Resident Evil monsters, random, embarrassing chants, generic-looking cultists and a dull middle-eastern and sci-fi setting are a “return to [FF’s] majesty?” What a freaking joke. You are a moron.

        • Exactly, monsters like Resident Evil. Think about it, it will be something new instead of the same crap Final Fantasy has sunk since Final Fantasy X. Didn’t you read my comment? “Gigantic step into the future”. Also, I agree on you, I dislike western developers, but if this way is the only way the series could survive, I prefer the westerns rather than the stupid anime craps from Nomura or Yoshida. It’s obvious you didn’t live the SNES era.

          • danielh5

            No, I have very much completed all NES/SNES FF games, and I have no idea what you’re talking about. If you want Western art design to plague the series then it’s time for you to leave. Nomura has designed some damn great stuff like Kefka’s Tower of the Gods and whatnot. And Square Enix has other great artists like Yoshida. FF is a Japanese series, not a Western one. Don’t forget that.

          • I know, I didn’t say Final Fantasy needs western design, I dislike the western art (western games don’t even have art). I’m not trying to say so, what I’m saying is, Final Fantasy needs a reboot (specially artistically talking).

            And you’re wrong, Nomura didn’t designed Kefka’s Tower, actually he worked as an Artist supporter for Final Fantasy VI. That is what I miss from the series, the original designer, Yoshitaka Amano. Have you ever watched Vampire Hunter D’s movies? They are visually directed by Amano, that is how a Final Fantasy game would look like in 3D. Nomura did only come to kill the series, and no, Yoshida is just another anime artist. One of the bunches that exist in Japan, and Amano is a difference among all of them. Even if the artistic ways of Japan are oriented to anime stuff, they should rather look for some kind of artist ala Shin Megami Tensei or Fire Emblem. But no, much of the art of modern Final Fantasy games, are generic, boring and insulting.

  • Barry

    Gotta laugh at all you fan boys who actually hold an exclusive affinity to a particular console and defend it so passionately, while slating their rivals. Firstly, get a grip. Secondly, you do realise that by bum licking one company you are only hindering the development of future titles and contributing to the decline of games on the whole? You complete and utter faeries. LOL.

    • Agree. I have never understood why anyone would want to purposely limit their choices by only having one system.

      • Antonio C. R. Murray

        You’re mistaken if you think that most owning more than one platform is common. It’s the exception, not the rule or have you slept though the events of 2008’s financial collapse.

        • Lol, “2008’s financial collapse?”

          Last time I checked the video game industry was still going strong, with no sign of stopping, so evidently people have more money to buy systems and games than you may think.

          Most news games for the xbox and PS3 are around $60, and games are consistently setting new sales records, so somebody has money.

          But if you are having money problems due to a financial crisis, then video games should be the least of your concern, and you shouldn’t be buying any console.

    • Antonio C. R. Murray

      Exclusives (games, features) sell systems. You think Xbox 360 would even be a factor (well it’s not really one anyways globally) if it weren’t for games like Gears of War (which resulted in Unreal Engine 3’s big up) or Xbox Live? C’mon. Step that shit up stupid. Look. Microsoft literally tried to buy JPN via Final Fantasy XIII. They failed miserably. With Yoicha Wada finally gone, don’t expect much from them in the future on Xbox.

  • am i the only one who thinks that Sony only wants SE to move versus 13 to the ps4 and make it exclusive to it as a means of it being the first ps4 game if they really are co-developing it? i mean, versus looks epic and the way i see it Sony knows that and probably wants gamers to get that epic first time experience with the ps4, like a marketing strategy telling us “you made the right choice, here is your reward, FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII ON MAX POWAH!”. just a thought though since ps4 looks fantastic. its either that or versus xiii will be the last epic game for ps3.

  • DarkLord1003

    Ni No Kuni kicked Square Enix’ ass in this generation… and don’t forget about the early JRPGs on the Xbox. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon..

  • lubba

    this is why square is dying.


    All I see in here is Blah blah blah i cant just enjoy gaming no matter what the platform. One has to be better. East vs west and all that BS. Lol So lame. Both have their good and bad qualities.

  • Jerdude


  • Steven McGrieven

    Given how Final Fantasy is completely shitty now, I wouldn’t consider this a great victory for Sony. But hey, maybe a joint effort between Sony and Square will help the next FF not suck so hard. Probably not though.

  • Daniel Lawson

    HUGE risk considering both system will be running practically the same base hardware

    • danielh5


  • Shulk

    FF Versus XIII or FFXV on PS3 & PS4 will be the technical Beast. Watch as this SONY co-developed game pushes boundaries of Innovation and Uniqueness. Along with the push will come the RESSURECTION of the Japanese Video Game Industry.

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be the Japanese Game Industry Phoenix Rising from it’s ashes ready to take once again. Ready to reclaim the World by Storm.
    PS4 will encourage Japanese developers to get out of their usual Recreation of games and into developing Unique games with Every Installment.

  • Think twice before commenting all of you. If Versus XIII is renamed XV, the series is over. Just think about it, Square Enix would go to the easy stuff, and instead on focusing themselves on working a new, brand new, from zero game, like XV, they will save their efforts by simply, easily renaming Versus XIII to XV, which in any case is bad. Why?

    Because in my personal opinion (as a longtime fan of the series since the NES), Versus XIII looks the same crap all Final Fantasies have looked in the last 13 years. Yes, since X. You know perfectly why do I mean, the porcelain faced emo guys, with gigantic swords and spiky hair. With belts and shades. The half naked girl, with no stories. X was the beginning of the downfall for the series (counting VIII as a downfall too). Everything thanks to the man you all think will be a hero: Tetsuya Nomura.

    Easy for him, he’ll blame Toriyama and Kitase for being the “destroyers” of the series, and he will take a bath on glory by releasing Versus and renaming it XV, as the first main game of the series directed by him. Think about it, how many games directed by him have been universally acclaimed before? Only one, and it was not an RPG: The World Ends With You (which has everything I listed before, the anime like style, something Final Fantasy does not need under any method). As the highest rated Kingdom Hearts game is 85%, and the last one barely got 79%. Is this what the series of Final Fantasy really needs? Of course it is not.

    In my opinion, Versus is crap. We need another Final Fantasy VI. We need, something new, something classic. We need Hiroyuki Itou, Yoshitaka Amano, Nobuo Uematsu, Ken Narita and why no? Hironobu Sakaguchi (but this is impossible, just a childish dream), and Versus should standby as PS3 exclusive title instead of a PS4 one, but knowing the company, they won’t do it. Because they don’t care about the fans, they have never cared before and they won’t ever care. But I have hope, the new CEO said he will “rebuild” the company from inside. Let’s wait for new good decisions from him now, because Wada killed the series almost entirely with XIII and XIV.

    • danielh5

      You sound like a nostalgic moron. As if there weren’t spiky haired guys with giant swords back in 1997? Noctis’ look alone doesn’t mean that the game will suck. The game is incredibly ambitious and it’s a great mix of both old and new. The game will have the darkest and most serious Final Fantasy story to date. The event director will be the same one from FFXII, so you can expect believable characters instead of anime-like ones. The game will have a day and night system. The game will include a proper world map, but it will be realistically proportioned with the characters just like in Final Fantasy XII. The game will have a mix of pre-rendered CGI cinematics and interactive cutscenes. The game will include controllable cars, airships and chocobos. The gameplay will be Kingdom Hearts-esque with Final Fantasy features (such as limit breaks and summons), along with third person shooter elements for Prompto and other unique elements for other party members.

      The game will have many artworks from Amano. You don’t need Itou for a good game. You don’t need Nobuo Uematsu for a good soundtrack. Hell, the two tracks released for Versus XIII alone are some of the best in Final Fantasy history. You don’t need Narita or Sakaguchi for a good game.

      Versus XIII is a game that combines elements both old and new, is incredibly ambitious, and has the potential to be the best Final Fantasy game to date. Get your head out of your ass and stop being such a nostalgic fart.

      • Okay, you placed good points. But let’s make emphasis on something. You say “The game will be” as if it is a reality. Define “development”. The game was announced on 2006, they are 7 years by now, and guess what? There are only rumors about the games, not actual news or confirmations. So, the “moron” who looks like a fanboy is yourself, rather than me.

        Why are you saying “back on 1997”? That is what I meant, the stupid Cloud on Final Fantasy VII and the belts from Squall’s jacket on Final Fantasy VIII. Yes, that sucked. That is not Final Fantasy, these spiky stupid characters killed the series entirely, thanks to that idiot of Nomura. I meant the original six game from the series, specially Final Fantasy VI, the best RPG of all time, and possibly the best game of all time. The only Final Fantasy game to be rated like that.

        You talk about Versus, stating it will be “the darker” Final Fantasy game ever. Really? Just remind me, how many Final Fantasy games has Nomura directed? How many “dark” games has Nomura directed, with good reception (higher than 90%)? NONE. It looks exactly the same crap of game since Final Fantasy X (if you want to list the spiky hair from Cloud and Squall go on). The names of the characters, their looking, their behavior, all these things changed from the original six games, when Nomura took the role of character designer.

        Final Fantasy doesn’t need action role playing games. What the series needs, is the return of the ATB system. Also, you say a game doesn’t need on specific personnel? Tell me then, why Final Fantasy XIV sucked? Oh, nobody on the staff team was known, and Hiroyuki Itou has directed the three highest rated Final Fantasy games ever, VI, IX and XII (and I want him to direct Final Fantasy XV, that is why I don’t want Versus to become XV).

        Amano is missing. He designed the best characters for the series. There aren’t medieval settings since Final Fantasy IX, all, again, thanks to our friend, Nomura. That sucker is killing the series, and it’s a shame dumbies like you treat him as a hero. “You either die a hero, or live enough to see yourself become a villain”.

        Nostalgic fart? Of course I am goddammit, I play Final Fantasy since before you even born, or, at least, before you even know what Final Fantasy was.

        • danielh5

          I am only basing it off of information and footage revealed from Square Enix, of course. And you were talking as if the game has nothing traditional about it and that it isn’t ambitious, mostly based on Noctis’ looks, which is stupid, since the game is a great mix of both old and new and the game is very ambitious.

          You said “last 13 years.” That’s up to the year 2000. FFVII was released in 1997. You know Nomura was involved with FF before VII, right? He designed stuff like the Tower of the Gods in Final Fantasy VI and so much more. And Amano will be involved with this game, obviously, just not as a character designer. And, quite frankly, most people like the way it is now. If you’re looking for less anime-ish artists, there’s XII’s/XIV’s artist for you, and he’s amazing.

          Nojima is the producer and he’s been involved with FF for a while. So what? Tabata never directed a game until Type-0 and it was freaking amazing and a very dark game indeed. And obviously, this game is far different from Kingdom Hearts, so that doesn’t matter at all, and this is by far his biggest project. And, like I said, Nomura has been with Squaresoft/Square Enix for a long, long time.

          HAHAHAHA proof that you’re a nostalgic fart. You want the series to evolve and yet you want it to stay as ATB? Why? Isn’t the point of Final Fantasy to always have an incredible mix of old and new? That’s exactly what Versus XIII is doing, and the action RPG combat will be damn good whilst being very ambitious and mixing in a ton of classic FF elements.

          XIV was directed by the guy who made XI, which was a huge success. Sakaguchi was also responsible for almost destroying Squaresoft with The Spirits Within. Your point?

          ….He can always direct XVI. Don’t see why he absolutely has to direct XV. And yes, he’s a very talented guy. But obviously you don’t need him to make a good game, as there have been plenty of amazing FF games that weren’t directed by him which also received very high Metacritic scores, such as Final Fantasy VII and X. Type-0 was also very well-received in Japan and by basically every importer.

          That’s entirely your opinion. He’s still involved with FF, but just not as a character designer. And, like I said, if you’re looking for more grounded, realistic character designs, there’s always XII’s and XIV’s artists.

          There haven’t been medieval settings since IX? Are you forgetting XI, XII and XIV? And yes, all of them have bits of sci-fi mixed in, but this is Final Fantasy. Every single game has had many sci-fi elements. Even the original had a war machine and time travel.

          How do you know? Why would you assume such a thing when you don’t even know me? I’ve played every Final Fantasy aside from III (real III, not VI). And I know and love this series very much. And you’re not being fair to it by letting moss grow on you. I’m not saying FF and SE have been amazing as of late. They haven’t. But you’re being flat-out stupid and unreasonable.

          • I would sin of ignorant if I wouldn’t know Nomura worked for most of the original Final Fantasy VII. That’s not my point, while VII really departed from the original artistic design of the series’ first six games, I have to admit the game itself was very good. However, I made some emphasis on X because from it, everything changed, back on 2001.

            You were right, XI, XII and XIV are medieval stuff, combined with the sci-fi. True that, but let’s make some points. Two of them are practically unplayable for those console players (like myself), as they are MMO’s for PC. Which makes something completely confusing, for older fans, as Final Fantasy is a series (or was) of console role playing games. These games were aimed to other kind of fanbase, the MMO community rather than the Final Fantasy fans. And I’m (and many others) not disposed to pay thousands of dollars for getting a computer capable of running games like these. So, in that way, Final Fantasy lost at least one fan, not only me, multiplied by dozens. XII, it looks good (the only game I never played), and I actually like it and respect it due to the fact it was directed by Itou. And, again, while it looks good, it is not what, at least I, was expecting or accustomed to inside the series. Combining the sci-fi with the medieval setting is an epic win, completely agreed with you, as this changes itself from Epic Fantasy genre, to Science Fantasy, which makes the series to evolve, to make it more fantastic and complex than it was before. This was thanks to Hiroyuki Itou, in the case of XII, because at this moment, I haven’t seen another Final Fantasy main game like it. However, again, the character designer (Akihiko Yoshida) and the director of art (Isamu Kamikokuryo) made me sick. Again, the bunny girl and the half naked Ashe and Vaan are things that simply don’t fit to be a Final Fantasy game. I don’t remember to play with Ridya or Faris half naked, for example. I don’t remember to play Nekomimis on the older titles. Until VII came, and Tifa changed the beautiful women to cheap half naked sluts, with all respect to the women.

            You said it all, Type-0 was a huge success… In Japan. Let’s make some good discussion on this, it is a very nice subject of debate. Type-0 is a portable Final Fantasy game. And portable consoles are extremely popular in Japan. However, on this side of the world, most portable consoles aren’t even worth of our time (example, PS Vita). Why is this? Well, simple. The Japanese people expend more time outside home, they don’t support the console gaming too much due to the time they expend working or studying or whatever. So the best chance from them to play games wherever they go, is by playing social mobile games and portable games (in the case of our franchise, Before Crisis was huge mobile phone game for Japanese people that simple didn’t shine anywhere else worldwide, and Crisis Core in the portable thing, that was a nasty disaster of game). So, the success of Type-0 in Japan was due to this, not because the game was actually good. Also, Square Enix is conscious on that, as for some obvious reason the game hasn’t be released (and will never be) outside of the Japanese world. Specially on this days, as the PSP doesn’t fit as the generation portable console from Sony, and the sales of PSP games were never important. So don’t expect much from it, as, again, it looks exactly the same damn game I’ve played named Final Fantasy since 2000.

            About the gameplay. What do I want? I want to play Final Fantasy, how hard is to understand that? And what was Fial Fantasy like before X came out? A simple ATB system gameplay, and Final Fantasy VI is considered the best game in this kind of particular battle system. We don’t need complex gameplay modes like those on XIII (which you only control one sole character), or those on XII (which is an action adventure game rather than a RPG), we need some simple old-school battle system, if not the game itself is not Final Fantasy. And Versus is not going anywhere else with this. And you say “It’s kinda Kingdom Hearts gameplay”. What the fuck is Kingdom Hearts? In my freaking life have I played that sucker game. That crap is a creation of Disney and Nomura, nothing worse could ever came out than that crap. I mean, Final Fantasy has nothing to do with these bullshits for kids. Let’s face it, Kingdom Hearts is not even 15 years old, Final Fantasy is 26. It came out before even Nomura started to work. Don’t make these ridiculous comparisons please. If Versus has no ATB, is not a Final Fantasy game, that simple. Is like saying a Zelda game will not have Link as the main character. Please.

            The Spirits Within was not a bad movie, I don’t understand why the hate. Yes, maybe it was not Final Fantasy, and I accept that, but saying it that way just confuses me. At least the movie was better than Advent Children (you know, at least in Spirits Within Aki doesn’t ask for her partners to make her fly, you know, Cloud flies through the skies to fight a flying Behemoth. Just ridiculous). Also, we’re not talking about CGI films, but about videogames. I know that not everything Sakaguchi makes is gold, but for most part of his career on Final Fantasy, he didn’t only made some gold, he made memorable masterpieces. For example Last Story was not that great, but the original story was written by him. Mistwalker only works for the story, not as the main developer of their own games. Actually the worst thing he ever did, was to name Kitase leader of the division and to make Nomura the main designer. That was his ultimate sin.

            As I said in my original comment, let’s not jump into stupid conclusions. A good game is not finished in one year or is not even worked simultaneously with other game (example VIII, you know it sucked compared to VII), talking about a sixteenth installment in the series, unfortunately, Final Fantasy games aren’t good game anymore. Talking about it is just insulting and ridiculous (again). Why? Well, Zelda games are being released every 5 years, and all of them are supposedly be better than the last one. Metal Gear Solid games are the same, last one was Guns of the Patriots back 5 years on the past, and was named the best in the series. It’s a shame Final Fantasy is not like that anymore, as the series’ games are being released every two weeks thanks to the idiot of Shinji Hashimoto. That moron is killing the few honor that the series had, and each of this new games, instead of calling them better, they are worse than the last one. Examples of this are the original XIV, XIII, XIII-2, Theaterythmn, Chocobo’s Dungeon, Rings of Fate, Dimension, All the Bravest (this is tremendously vulgar), and now you can add Lightning Returns to the list. Each of them holds 77% to down. So, if the series is not in danger, you can tell me how is not.

            XVI should not exist in any near future. XVI should wait five years after XV is released. Imagine Versus is released (I hope so, I don’t hope so at the same time) next year and it’s FFXV, and Naoki Yoshida (who is making an amazing good job remaking XIV on A Realm Reborn) just confirmed ARR will be released this summer, what would happen? I mean, for us the fans is not confusing, but for those who aren’t only get some good points to offend our series. And how not? As I said, every single game under Square Enix’s catalog is named after the series. No, what they should do, is to let Versus as it is, Versus, and release it next year or something nearby as a non main Final Fantasy game, and XIV ARR this year. They should have wait all this time around after Versus release, and then they will win money (and they will). So they have other three years to work out XV, I don’t know, combining every single division, making the new Hashimoto work with Itou and Yoshi-P, with Amano back and Uematsu I don’t know, but they should do that. If not, that will only prove the series is dead, as their Fabula Nova Chrystalis would not only hurt the XIII series, but also the main numbered games. If Versus is rebranded XV, this will mean the end of the hopes I have on Final Fantasy. And inside these, there aren’t spots where Nomura, Toriyama, Akihiko Yoshida or Kitase appear.

        • bakkkamona

          True. Very true. I also hope that Itou comes to be the director of XV.

      • bakkamona

        Please, it’s enough… Versus must remain until the and as VERSUS.An lets hope that XV will be a new concept completly different than the worst fabula nova.

    • bakkamona

      Hhmm. So let me guess,…
      Ffvii isn’t included in your “gigantic swords and spiky hair.”if we judge from your point, the things became all worst since VII than. Kid.

      • No, read my comments below, and the “gigantic swords and spiky hair” includes Final Fantasy VII, the game that begun the nightmare. Who is the kid in the end? I’m very sure you didn’t even play the original NES-SNES games, so obviously the kid is you.

  • Abdullah Oredegbe

    What do you guys have to say about the rumor floating around about the game coming to both the PS4 and PS3?

  • bakkamona

    My honest opinion, seriously, I don’t want this becoming XV. I’m seek and tired of fabula cristalys and I really want that the XV becomes a concept completly different of that fabula… anyway, if that versus comes renumbered as XV, I won’t buy for sure.

  • Shulk

    look forward to FF Versus XIII or I mean FFXV for PS3/PS4

  • Mike McMeans

    I hope it’s true. I have always loved F games, but after playing FFXIII on 360, I don’t care to ever play another. Keep it off the X1. Just another Sony exclusive I have no desire to play. I might have a problem if any of the games I actually wanted to play were exclusive to Sony.

  • Minecraft Greek

    FF doesn’t hold a candle to Lost Odyssey. That game was amazing, from the original creator of FF. It was a better Final(lost) Fantasy(Odyssey) game than Final Fantasy games are these days.

  • 1Truth

    man, I really hope this isn’t true. I wanted Agni’s Philosophy to become FFXV.

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah for play download feature on ps4 instead of waiting for a big install you can start gaming instantly wich is better game experance soo a hour game install no more now game in seconds too a minute

  • Zach

    its not exclusive to sony…..

  • Guest

    Its not exclusive. BUT… that’s for now.
    The PS4 is 50% more powerful than the bone. It uses 7gb of it’s 8gb of the superior GDDR5 RAM for games. The bone uses 5gb of it’s 8gb of the much slower DDR3 RAM for games.
    Later on, the Bone will just restrict Square and Nomura loves his exclusivity to take full advantage of the console. Plus the Xbox one is DOA in Japan anyway. The only real reason it has an install base there is because of the fw JRPG exclusives on it, which failed miserably anyway. Tales of Vesperia anyone? Square needs the money right now and after FFXV and KH3 release they’ll just go exclusive to PS4. I’m betting Wada had a hand in porting it to the Xbone as his last curse as president.
    After the PS4 version sells 10 to 1 against the bone version square will ditch xbox one.
    Yes FFXV and KH3 MIGHT come to PC as Nomura says but I don’t think they will in the end with their development costs high as it is. If they do anyway it’ll be a one time deal because it will sell most on PS4 regardless. Plus this is VGleaks. If you guys say it would’ve been exclusive then Square must’ve had some plans to do this. Again probably Wada made the final decision to put it on the bone before he was demoted. I know this is unlikely but maybe Sony could troll Xbone and PC and announce that FFXV and KH3 are exclusive to PS4 along with all the KH games, FFXV sequels and stand alone FF games in the future and it carries onto the gen after this upcoming one. Just full on exclusive to PLAYSTATION platforms. I’d love that. Hope this is the case. Either way KH3 and FFXV will run better on PS4, but I really think what I said would happen before will happen. I seriously want MS out of the console race because they are just so shady and greedy especially since the DRM might come back. Looking forward to Square’s exclusivity to PS4.
    Sony and Nintendo FTW!

  • Blake Grubb

    what the hell a ps exclusive… what the hell… beyond the whole terrible console thing, and i don’t want to waste the money on an entire console for one game hell i wanted to wait another year before even getting an xbox one this just irritated me to no fucking end there goes all excitement for this game i may get to play it in about 10 years

  • Eliéser GBS

    Yeah right…