The user Th3-Chronikk, from Se7enSins, has extracted some interesting info from Battlefield 4‘s game code where we can see a list of game modes, some of them currently not activated.

“While Doing some really in dept JavaScript digging trying to find DLC content i have found some game modes that have place holders in the server but are not currently active. All that were not firmware to me are below with my explanation on what i think they are.

1. ”TANKSUPERIORITY” – Tanks only battle between everyone
2. ”GUNMASTER” – Not quite sure about this one maybe kind of like COD’s gun game
3. ”COMBATMISSION” – may be a game mode where you can do co-op missions for xp
4. ”SQRUSH” – Squad Rush,Squad vs each other (not sure if already avalible.)
5. ”SCAVENGER” – all possibly have to scavenge for weapons
6. ”SPORT” – Haven’t figured this one out yet. (if you think you may know more info PM or quote me)
7. ”FIRETEAM_SURVIVOR” – only one life (if you think you may know more info PM or quote me)
8. ”ONSLAUGHT” – not sure. (if you think you may know more info PM or quote me)”

battlefield 4 screenshot 600x337 Rumor: New Battlefield 4 game modes leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

Capture the Flag” and “Air Superiority” were added through two of Battlefield 4′s latest expansions, Second Assault and China Rising,  but this does not mean that all of these game modes will be finally added to Battlefield 4.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter featured a game mode called “Combat Mission” focused on planting three bombs in randomly chosen locations on the map. “Onslaught” game mode appeared in 2010′s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and was a cooperative game mode.

Source | Se7enSins, via Mp1st