Journey and The Unfinished Swan could be ready for PS4

Early adopters of any system have to struggle against the elements. In some way, they are like testers, moreover they are going to play a minimum amount of exclusive games (there aren’t a lot of options yet) and they have to wait until the best games for those systems. It’s a harsh scenario.

Don’t cancel your preorder; Sony could have ported Journey and The Unfinished Swan to PS4. Nathan Gary, creative director of Sony Santa Monica, has teased these two games in a series of tweets. Nathan had tweeted various pictures of different games running on PS4 and the last two ones were related to Journey and The Unfinished Swan. That’s not an official confirmation, but considering that other PSN games (previously released on PS3) have already been announced for PS4, that’s the logical step.

Nathan Gary had uploaded these pictures:



Thanks, Gematsu.

  • True Radiant Free

    These need to be ported to Vita first. They have announced Flow and Flower already, so at least Journey would be the next logical step.