Left 4 Dead 3 accidentaly confirmed at Valve headquarters & spotted on Steam

Left 4 Dead was one of the products that turn zombies in a trend around the world. The madness cooperative gameplay worked between players, also the mods helped to elaborate on a videogame with almost infinite content, maps and different additions if we compare with the game released by Valve. Now, the community demands a third part and it seems it could be released closer than you expected.

Diverse evidences proof the existence of Left 4 Dead 3:

1. Valve organized a tour with members of a DOTA 2 clan. One picture was taken from a Valve computer during the tour. In that screen we can read something related with Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2:



2. Left 4 Dead 3 was listed on Steam:


We haven’t still got an official confirmation from Valve, but we can be optimistic upon the game.

Thanks, Neo-GAF & VGU.

  • Joel

    Episode 3 pls

  • Loc

    I am an expert, trust me.

    This was photoshopped.

    This entire article is a fucking bullshit.