Shinji Mikami had to come back to his roots; he taught others how to make a TPS with Vanquish and the creative is going to teach Capcom how to make a Resident Evil with The Evil Within. At least, it’s something that we can appreciate with this leaked footage from this game.

It’s kinda looks like Resident Evil 4. You feel the enemy pressure in your throat, these foes are like the RE4 cattle. We got a motherfucker with a chainsaw and the gunplay reminds me the latest AAA Resident Evil (RE5 & 6 are far away to be must have games, IMO), you are clumsy when you have to shot and move at the same time, that’s not a comfortable situation, it’s not a TPS. Mikami should reduce the loot in order to stress the player with a few amounts of ammo and health kits.

۞ por AGBLeaks

Not bad, Shinji, not bad. You deserve a beer for this work.

Thanks, AllGamesBeta.