Possible launch dates: Mafia III (April, 26), Doom (June, 30) and Homefront: The Revolution (May, 17)

Presumably, this year is going to be a golden year for the industry with great games. Some will be delayed (like Scalebound), but others should be released within this period. Mafia III, Doom and Homefront: The Revolution could be available in this 2016.

Mafia III

Best Buy has anticipated that the third chapter in the mob franchise could be available on April, 26:

Mafia III


Amazon France has dated Doom for June, 30:


Amazon France was right about the release date for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC, so the estimation for Doom could be legit.

Homefront: The Revolution


Target has offered pre-order cards to pre-order Homefront: The Revolution (May, 17):

We will see when we will be able to play these games.

Thanks, VG24/7 & IGN (Mafia III, Doom).