Pre-E3 Leaks & Rumors: ReCore, State of Decay 2?, Zelda U & more

Today is the day to push de red the button and unleash the hype. Microsoft should call Mario and Luigi to repair the piping system in Redmond, just a bunch of surprises have to remain for their conference.

Dead Rising 4. A lot of debug pictures from Dead Rising 4 have been leaked. Please, check those pictures here.

State of Decay 2. One picture and a concept art emerge on the internet and could be related with State of Decay 2. By NeoGAF.

State 2 1

State 2 2

ReCore. The game will be released in September 13. Pictures & box art leaked. By Allgamesdelta.

Forza Horizon 3. The racing game could be ready to hit the shelves in the last days of September.

Xbox One S. Rumored price: $300. By Nerdleaks.

Final Fantasy XV. Game could be showed in Microsoft and Sony conferences. By NeoGAF.

The Legend of Zelda U. Promo picture leaked. By Cartridge Games.

Zelda U

Nintendo E3 Lanyard with Link and Linkle? (Male and female character election for Zelda U). By NE.


Halo 5. Game on Win 10?

Halo 5 PC

Grow Up. Grow Home sequel. By ZhugeEX.

Grow Up

Enjoy the E3.