Rockstar registers “City Stories”, new handled GTA incoming?


Rockstar filled the trademark “City Stories” on May 15. This register was completed under the following proposes:

Computer and video game programs and software.

Downloadable computer and video game programs and software.

Therefore, Rockstar Games could use City Stories under these two possible scenarios. Moreover, the trademark quoted Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories as connected properties.

City Stories invites to think in a new GTA portable as Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories were in their time.

What do you think? Could Rockstar develop a new City Stories for PS Vita or 3DS? Or maybe the study scopes Android and iOS as platforms for this production. Either way, it would be a great announcement.

Thanks, VG24/7.

  • italodance

    Yeah coming to Vita,ummm iOS? Not this time,3DS? Are you joking? 3DS is lame

    • Omni

      How is the 3DS lame? It’s sold WAY more than the Vita.

      • italodance

        It’s not about selling it’s about hardware and good controls.

        3DS won’t get western titles anymore just Japanese games like JRPG games or mario zelda pffff so boring.

        Vita is going to get more games soon and support of big companies .

        You know like child of light or this GTA game.or FPS there’s even not any FPS game on 3DS.why? Didn’t know? Cause it’s lame.

        • Omni

          FPSs are the only cool genre? Are you really that much of a brodude?

          And what is Moon Chronicles? And what is Steel Diver: Sub Wars?

          And you seriously find Zelda boring? The Vita has barely sold any because no one wants to play shitty games.

          • italodance

            3DS even won’t get minecraft So funny cause it’s lame.

          • Omni

            Minecraft? Are you retarded.

            Do you seriously find Zelda boring? Do you only like CoD?

  • Truth

    You all sound like a bunch of whiny gaming bitches who are having a useless dispute.