Rumor: Battlefield 4 reveal at GDC. Update: It's official. BF4 unveiled on March 26th at GDC

Update: Now there’s no doubt, Battlefield 4 will be totally unveiled at GDC as we said in advance six days ago. It’s official. Geoff Keighley twitted that and confirmed the rumor:


March 26th is the date to mark on the calendar. That day we will be able to see the “new era of Battlefield”. Major changes for the franchise? Only 11 days to go!


Thanks to Polygon for the image!


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Battlefield 4 was announced some weeks ago by EA Labels President Frank Gibeau . The game has already been shown off behind closed doors, and now it’s turn for a reveal.

An invitation sent by EA to IGN reminds to “save the date” and announces an event on March 26th at a movie theater during the celebration of this year’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC).

This invitation shows a pattern and art very similar to Battlefield 3’s one, so it’s quite possible we could see  the first footage of the new iteration of this franchise developed by DICE.




Remember, this time the franchise it’s also coming for PS4 and Durango.