Id Software was one of the best companies in the nineties, I have to confess something: I like to play shooters and Id knew the way to make the best ones. If you don’t like Id shooters, at least we have to admit that the company produced high tech titles. Weird times for Id according to Kotaku.

The first version of Doom 4 didn’t reach a minimum quality and Bethesda (and supposedly Id) delayed the title. Id is working in a new version and they have moved the project to the next-gen. I prefer moved to cancelled, therefore, we will have Doom 4, but we don’t know when we will be able to play it.

Kotaku’s sources add more info about Doom 4 development. Id wasn’t able to produce a good title. The story was a lame, the direction was a mess, poor management, poor organization and Id only could show dozen mediocre levels for this early stage. For all that, the game had to be restarted.

doom 4 Rumor: Id Software has rebuilt Doom 4 for next gen, Rage 2 canned | VGLeaks 2.0

Bethesda/ZeniMax would have cancelled Rage 2. Id had started the project, but Bethesda preferred to stop it. Rage had a cold reception. In consequence, they (Id & Bethesda) decreased their plans to Rage 1 (DLC) and evaporated any idea about a sequel. The gameplay and the environment had a huge potential.

Bethesda is not going to close Id, it’s not likely, although Bethesda is focusing the company to Id Tech Engine 5 and is cleaning the house too. I’m sad today; I grew up with Id games.

Thanks, Kotaku.