Rumor: Football Manager 2014 listed for PS Vita


ShopTo listed two days ago Football Manager 2014 for PS Vita. Sega has not officially announced the game for Sony’s latest handheld, but some time ago Sports Interactive, FM developer, said that they “really like the device. We’re constantly watching to see if it does pick up. It is a really special device, and hopefully it will get to the stage where we can get something through Sega so Football Manager can be on the system.”

Sony’s handheld has not increased its poor sales, but perhaps Sony and SEGA have managed to strike some kind of deal and the game could be announced at Gamescom 2013.

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Thanks, PushSquare.

  • Matthew Tripoli

    one of the reasons why the device isnt picking up in sales is b/c of the media always saying how bad the sales are. The device is actually picking up sales especially in japan. I also think a lot of gamers are waiting for a price drop since japan got one. they could also be waiting for a ps4 first to see how much remote play has improved