DICE hinted 3 possible DLC packs in an online survey for Battlefield 4 including naval, BF3 maps… and dinosaurs. The Neogaf Forum user Jibbajabbawockky describes them briefly:

– The first one was described as taking Operation Metro and Caspian Border and remaking them in Frostbite 3, with new weapons and classes. Then they had you rank possible names for the DLC pack. I don’t recall all of them but some were: Battlefield 4 Recommisioned, BF4 Reenlisted, BF4 War Torn, and BF4 Reconstructed.

– Second one was a DLC that would focus on naval combat with more naval vehicles and coastal batteries. It wasn’t super specific, just that it would focus on naval combat. Possible names (that I remember now) were: BF4 Naval Warfare (or maybe it was Naval combat?), BF4 Steel Titans and some other ones that I’m forgetting.

– The third DLC description was the most interesting: DINOSAURS! From what I recall, it was described as a coop mode where you and other players would fight against dinosaurs with primitive weapons, specifically mentioning a bow and arrow. Possible names were: BF4: BC, BF4: Primal Combat (or maybe it was Primal Warfare?), BF4: 21942 BC and some other one that was something like BF4: Dino… something. Can’t recall.

Will we see dinosaurs in the upcoming Battlefield 4? It could be really fun.

Thanks to Neogaf