Bully was a surprising game, nobody expected a top notch adventure like that. Bully was surrounded by the polemic since Rockstar announced the game. Mass media misinformed about Bully, it seemed that you had to bully other kids in the school and finally, the story was very different. Bully could come back.

The last week (July 25), Take-Two filed the Bully trademark at the United States Patent & Trademark Office. This trademark application covers, among other things, “computer and video game programs and software.” We haven’t still got a confirmation for a new game, but renew a trademark is the first logical step to do things.

If Rockstar is working on a new Bully, this game would be a next-gen title, most likely developed by Rockstar Vancouver, the same Rockstar branch that developed the first Bully.

Thanks, Gamespot.