Rumor: Information for two new Pokemon games leaked ("Pokemon Plus" & "Pokemon Minus")


Nintendo has got two faces, one is the successful path blazed by Nintendo 3DS, the other one is Wii U and its poor sells around the world. Don’t worry, there is a solution for everything and Nintendo could have done its homework planning two new Pokemon games for Wii U.

Dual Pixels has published a rumor provided by a source that had leaked info about other games before. This informer was right some times and some ones he was mistaken, therefore, take this with a grain of salt. There are chances to be materialized, but you know how this industry is.

Have a seat please:

>GameFreak were one of the first development studios inside Nintendo to receive Alpha-Prototype hardware, now have been upgraded to the Beta-Prototype hardware above.

>Have a few areas marked out, TONS of concept art traveling between Pokemon Company and Nintendo Co Ltd.

>GameFreak plans to completely overhaul the basic systems of battle, simplifying the process.

>The development team is “going to put a lot of ideas they have wanted to do for years in this game”.

>Two versions already have code names, possibly final: Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus.

>Theme is “Old Tradition VS New Exploration”

>New region, no name yet, is based on South East Asia with one large peninsula and many smaller islands.

>Three new starters with no names: Water evolves into Water/Steel and is a squat, teardrop shaped humanoid that has a jar filled with on its head as it evolves it grows taller and the jar bigger until it needs another set of arms to hold it on it’s head. Fire evolves into Fire/Fairy and is a tiny cute goat with fire blowing out of its horns, it’s horns and look evolves more menacing until it has curly ram like horns and a motorcycle hot-rod-like look. Grass evolves into a Grass/Electric and starts with a leap for a face with a nubby root as a body and evolves until it grows into an electric producing palm tree with each flower petal having a different face.

>The main legendary for Pokemon Plus is a Shi Foo Lion-looking Psychic/Ground-type that has multiple faces, the Pokemon Minus legendary is a Ghost/Fairy type that has two dashes for eyes and is a hurricane-like appendages with many arms and hands.

>More traditional Pokemon-like gameplay will be on the Handheld controller while an all new gameplay aspect will be on the Terminal unit.

>The “Pokken Fighers” render that was teased was running on Alpha kits, Beta kits now have advance cell shading. Going for very detailed “living anime” look.

>The new “Team” villains are described as a bunch of “Sohei Zelots”-types who have discovered the player’s best friend as a reincarnation of a special type of person who only is alive every 100 years. They believe the old system where people were given a Pokemon egg and they stick to that Pokemon until they die and who’s function in society dictate what role that person is. They are against the “modern” trend of Pokemon Trainers and capturing multiple Pokemon and are making a holy pilgrimage to evoke the old Legendaries to turn everything back to normal. They keep the player away from their friend, saying the special one (who can do amazing things like mega evolve Pokemon without the use of a mega ring) only love is that of Pokemon and not people. It is planned to be reveal later that for the special one to fulfill their role in society they must be mortally sacrificed to awaken the legendaries.

>Routes connection the island together are water bridges but clumps of island are connected together by underwater tunnels.

>There is a “Stone Slowking” statue that is a parody of the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Thailand.

>Many Pokemon from Hoenn and Sinnoh will make a return.

>Variety of Pokemon Gyms, one is a mail system that only uses flying types and focuses on sky battles. One only uses baby Pokemon, one is implied to be a real vampire and uses Ghost and Dark Pokemon. There is also a military like leader who uses Fire and Steel Pokemon.

>The island gameplay with Gym Leaders and the Elite Four island can be played entirely on the Handheld and can be blown up on the Terminal for home play.

>New Pokemon Type similar to Shinies, no details yet on how they work but I’ve been told they “change the game significantly”.

>The “Mainland” is an MMO-like environment that is exclusive to the Terminal and is shared by both versions.

>Players all over the world online can chat, trade, intermingle and experience new-updated story lines on the mainland.

>Pokemon Band is a new mechanic introduced to get people involved who do not battle, a co-operative experience where Pokemon dance and make music together to achieve the highest group score.

>Pokemon Bank are actual locations on the Mainland and Handheld areas where people can import past Pokemon, mainly from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y into the new game.

Apparently this leak invites to think there are two new Pokemon games in development for Wii U. Really is just one game with two different versions and slight changes between those versions (like Pokemon X & Y). It would be a smart move for Wii U.

Thanks, Dual Pixels.

  • StigtriX

    This could be the best Pokémon game EVER if this is true :O
    It sounds really promising, so please let it be! Nintendo needs sales too in order for more games to be made for the platform.

    • StigtriX

      That is a lot of haters! o_O’ What is happening to this site lately? So many downvotes everywhere and so few comments.

      • Jordan Apfelbeck

        Looks like the site is flooding with genwunners.

        • Peter Korman

          More like most of the ideas presented in this rumor are dumb.

  • André Barreira

    OHHHHH SHHHHH*****TTTTT!!!!!!!!!!
    If this is true then will be the most amazing megaton ever on a nintendo console, it will be f* crazy!!!!!

  • If this is real, This will go alongside Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. & Hyrule Warriors and will help the Wii U rival the PS4 & Xbox One.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Anyone who says ‘poor sells’ can’t be taken seriously

  • JoseFigueroa

    Yes. Yes. And more yes.

  • Forbsz

    Nintendo fans are being targeted by mass down votes…

    • StigtriX

      Yes, but it would be equally dumb if it was Xbox or Play Station fans being targeted. Fanboys who cannot substantiate their views and just downvote and hate instead are pathetic, regardless of their preferences 🙂

      • The Terraria Master

        Shut up and take my upvote!

    • Representation of My Mixtape

      Its not that they’re Nintendo fans, just the fact that THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA AND WILL KILL THE COMPANY EVEN THOUGH I WILL PROBABLY BUY IT


    wait is this ONLY for Wii U or both cuz i don’t wanna waste a couple hundred bucks on another wii thing. Please tell meeee!!!!! I NEED TO KNOWWW

    • ScorchingShock

      I hope it’s for 3DS and Wii U and not just Wii U cause that would be an awful move on their part.

    • Jordan Apfelbeck

      It is only for Wii U. By handheld it means Wii U GamePad. You’re not “wasting” money on a Wii U, it is a great console.

      • Syrentus Samhein

        My only issue with this is I’m a handheld-PC kind of guy. I rarely have the patience to sit in front of the TV to play a game. Especially with how bad my eye sight can be, even with glasses. So if they’re going to make a main-storyline Pokemon game exclusively for the Wii-U I’m going to be a little bummed out. Especially when I don’t have the money for a Wii U just lying around. :/

        • s

          handheld means 3 ds too

  • Too soon.


    This sounds interesting. I do hope it is for both 3DS and WiiU, with the WiiU having more features to improve sales. Yes, now I await the downvotes, because if you downvote me, you must like giving me head. Go ahead, get down, on your knees, downvote me you filthy people. 😀

  • Ungrateful

    Most of this is fake.. It’s riddled with grammatical errors, so it’s clearly been written by a child.

  • Renz Allen

    please not the wii U i just bought the 3DS and its going on the wii U? just no
    if it does atleast releae it on the 3DS too i dont want to buy the wii just because of one game

    • Jordan Apfelbeck

      two games* and Wii U is awesome.

      • Syrentus Samhein

        You seem to have no concept of money. I never buy both Pokemon versions, unless they’ve plummeted in cost. Also, so many people bought the 3DS just for X and Y. With so many rumors revolving around another game, tied with X/Y, it’s a bit cruel. I understand they want more sales on the Wii-U, but man it would be a bummer. I’m sure the console is a great system, but I just don’t think it warrants the same value to everyone.

        • Passerby

          And a lot of other people who wanted to save $40 bought a 2DS instead. It’s a better handheld, imo.

          What people are forgetting that while yes it would be awesome to play right away, you don’t have to buy a Wii U and the supposed pokemon game right away either. If it’s true, save your money, wait a few months for a price drop or two, then purchase the console and/or the game.

          The Wii U isn’t that bad either, though I don’t own one yet. The new Mario games on it are incredibly entertaining.

  • Steve Willis

    I don’t think Nintendo would create the next generation on the home console. Pokemon lends itself to the sole-portable device so well. Ifany Pokemon games are made for the WiiU, they will be spin-offs.

  • person

    this is probably fake as Pokemon main games have always been on the newest handheld console, why change that now and i do believe that its a good idea for a game if it were on a ds. but just like the rest of them its just a kid with a idea thinking that they can fool people and its not going to happen.

  • Jordan Mcilwain

    what they need to do is keep making games on the handhelds and make a game that includes all the regions redone for the wii u. so u can play all the old games on ur wii u or they could make one where u travel through all the regions

  • william

    God let this shit be for 3Ds only I don’t have the time to try and
    bust my ass for a wii u

  • Curtis

    This is way more information than would plausibly leak out. I don’t buy it for a second.

  • Silver Storm

    I hope this is real or at least some of it like the story!

  • Icallthisrumorbullcrap

    I doubt its all real. I remember reading about them not wanting to do the Wii U because they wanted the games to be take it anywhere and trade with others. I highly doubt that the new games would be on the Wii U. I will believe it when I see it.

  • bob

    oh, well, i am pretty sure i saw this on deviantart…
    everything like this, plus, minus, the starters…
    i’ pretty sure its Fakemon guys… Sorry

  • Scott Devine


  • Vurren

    im not buying a whole new system for this game :U Also, i dont think nintendo would release a new generationm so quickly