Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix teased?

Yesterday Japanese consumers were able to, finally, buy KH 1.5 HD Remix, a remastered HD version of  Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and KH:Chain of Memories. Furthermore, this pack features a collection of HD remastered cinematic scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Today we know that, during the end credits of KH 1.5 HD ReMix (long tittle, yes), screens from Kingdom Hearts II, KH: Birth by Sleep and KH: Coded are showing up.

It’s not a strange move. In fact it’s quite logical. Now we’ll have to wait until an official release date.

Remember, KH 1.5 HD ReMix is set to a  Fall 2013 release for North America and Europe and only for PS3.

Thanks to khinsider.




  • da fuq man

    it might be kh 2 final mix +

    • christina

      how, the “+” part meant that it was Kingdom hearts re com and kingdom hearts 2 fm

  • shigory

    I really hope Kingdom hearts 2.5 is for PS 3 and not PS 4.

    • ree


  • True Radiant Free

    Maybe both 1.5 will be announced for Vita and 2.5 announced for PS3 at TGS next month