Rumor: New Prince of Persia developed by Climax?

Climax Studios is the developer behind games such as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Silent Hill: Origins, Smart As or Rocket Knight. Some days ago they uploaded some images to their web and this rumor began to spread.

The images are supposed to belong to an unannounced title named “Character Action Platformer – 2013“. The Prince of Persia look is more than evident.


We can no longer see these images on Climax’s website. The studio has declared to GameInformer that these screenshots come from a prototype developed last year during conversations with Ubisoft. According to Climax, the project never went any further.

At the same time, Ubisoft states to GameInformer that “The screenshots in question are from a prototype created by one of our partners, not a game currently in development. Prince of Persia remains an important element in Ubisoft’s portfolio, but we’re currently focusing on other brands and have nothing new to share at this time.


It seems a little suspicious to me. The fact of removing the pictures does not help to believe what Climax and Ubisoft are stating.

What do you think, are we going to see some day this project going Gold? Is Ubisoft planning to relaunch the Prince of Persia franchise?

POP_Climax-3 POP_Climax-5 POP_Climax-6 POP_Climax-4 POP_Climax-2 POP_Climax-1

  • me

    they already said that the game showed is just a prototype an thats it

  • demonweapon

    i heard that it was going on wii u and tablets. i’m still waiting for a prince of persia game to be released for the playstation 4 and is not just sidescrolling piece of shit.

  • Sakil

    I’ve had great fun playing Prince of Persia every game so far released by Ubisoft!! Prince of Persia is the only reason I’ve become great fan of Ubisoft after Santa Monica, developer of God of War franchise. The long delay of Prince of Persia after the The Forgotten Sands really making millions fans of Ubisoft disappointing because of not having a new edition of Prince of Persia. I hope Ubisoft will give attention on their most popular gaming franchise and will release a new edition soon.