Rumor: PS4 could cost £300 (UK Market price)

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Sony seems to be doing things right this time. A new rumor is sailing the internet today: The Times (UK) have got info about the suppose price for Orbis. The Japanese company would be considering the price of PS4. Orbis would cost £300 in UK. That’s 350€ or 463$.

Maybe you don’t need to get a job to pay the console, if rumors are right.

PS3 cost £425. £125 less than PS4, with that save of money we could buy three games at least. February 7, we published a leak from Asashi, they set the Orbis price near to 400€. Joining the info, we should wait a price around 400$/400€ and £300, depending the currency of your country.

Sony should bring forward Orbis presentation for tomorrow; I want to see Uncharted 4.

Thanks, The Times.

  • DoctorFouad

    I expect killzone4 to be shown tomorrow with a new racing game from evolution studios, and whatever naughty dog are working on, maybe also a glimpse of the future of Gran Turismo. The graphics would be mind blowing and hopefully certi the boss of crytek will eat his words if he thinks ps4 graphics wont surpass those of crysis3 pc.