This gen hasn’t been the Japan time, some Japanese companies have had deep issues with this gen. Square-Enix, Polyphony Digital or Team Ico stand out over the rest. Likely the HD leap was a big problem for them. I don’t want to remember Sony Japan too, their efficiency have been terrible. Seppuku for them.

Square-Enix presented FF Versus XIII years ago, the title disappeared and rumors claimed the game was still developing with a tweak change: Square moved the game to Orbis instead of PS3.

This story is the same for The Last Guardian. The Team Ico game born on PS3 and now rumors suggest the game is on works for PS4. Sony could want to release The Last Guardian as launch title on PS4.

Therefore, if you bought PS3 to play FF Versus XIII and The Last Guardian, I’m afraid that you are going to buy the next Sony platform to enjoy them.

Thanks, STFU.