Rumor: Xbox Entertainment greenlights global street soccer video series called "Every Street United"

When Xbox One was revealed, Microsoft announced a Halo drama series produced by Steven Spielberg. It appears that Halo was not the only original content coming from Xbox Entertainment Studios.

The new division inside Microsoft greenlighted its first unscripted series called Every Street United. The company in charge of this new product is Mandalay Sports Media, which was founded in 2012 by Peter Guber and Mike Tollin.


Every Street United will consist of eight episodes and each one will last half an hour focused on athletes from around the world (U.S, Spain, Holland, France, Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, South Korea will be locations in each episode). Details are not clear yet but it is probably that a top soccer player will be interviewed in every episode. The final episode will be shot in Brazil, the country where the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be disputed.

There’s currently no word on when or how Every Street United might debut, but it seems likely that Microsoft would want to use the lure of soccer to compel prospective customers toward picking up an Xbox One.

Thanks, Deadline.