Rumor: PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 works with Xbox 360

28 October, 2013 3

YouTuber RageBeefSA has posted a video where we can see a PlayStation 4′s DualShock 4 controller working with Xbox 360. The video was made possible using, “a combination of JoyToKey, a Cronus Device, and Cronus Bullseye software” and […]

Second picture of Orbis’ prototype pad leaked

15 February, 2013 4

Destructoid leaked the first picture yesterday, today has arrived the GamesTrailers turn. We have the second picture of PS4 controller. Remember, that’s a prototype, the final design should be different, but keeping the spirit. Visit […]

Orbis Dualshock layout

14 February, 2013 8

Destructoid have dropped the bomb. They have closed the rumors with the first picture for the Orbis’s gamepad. That’s not going to be the final look, it’s a prototype. We would like to add further […]

Rumor: Orbis gamepad, two new details

13 February, 2013 0

We published a rumor from Edge some days ago. They had exclusive details about the Orbis’s gamepad. Now, VG24/7 confirmed some points and deflects other ones: Confirmed: Touch-pad. Removing Select, Start and PS Button. Added: […]