Fallout 4: Shadows of Boston spotted on IMDB

8 February, 2014 2

We have already published a bunch rumors upon Fallout 4, but everything changed with the Kotaku’s leak about “Institute”, code name for Fallout 4. Rumors turned more solid with that leak. Likewise there were previous […]

Rumor: Fallout 4 details

14 December, 2013 1

Fallout 4 hasn’t been officially announced yet by Bethesda, but all the rumors point that the game is already in development. A set of leaked documents from a project code-named “Institute” reveal that the game […]

Bethesda has registered Fallout 4

18 November, 2013 0

Bethesda offered a different vision of Fallout with its third part. Interplay preferred to build a world where options and alternatives were a reality aside other aspects, but Bethesda has its own idea about how […]

Obsidian developing a game (RPG) for next-gen.

2 May, 2013 3

Obsidian Entertainment was the developer of Knights of the Old Republic 2. The studio is looking a ‘top notch’ level designer for their next game: a “unique next generation game”.  Everything suggests it will be a RPG. On its […]