Bethesda offered a different vision of Fallout with its third part. Interplay preferred to build a world where options and alternatives were a reality aside other aspects, but Bethesda has its own idea about how to make games, particularly RPG games.

Players should be happy today, Bethesda has trademarked Fallout 4 some days ago. The wasteland, a place to hide and look for Nuka-Cola caps. Sometimes, world is fucking crazy.

Bethesda registered Fallout 4 the last Thursday. This is an extract of that trade mark:

f4 Bethesda has registered Fallout 4 | VGLeaks 2.0

That’s so pretty, but there is something more important than this: When will be unveiled? Bethesda has initiated this countdown; time will stop exactly the same day that Video Game Awards will be celebrated. Therefore, we have to supposed that’s not a coincidence and Fallout 4 will be there.

More coincidences, this logo appears in the countdown website:

countdown Bethesda has registered Fallout 4 | VGLeaks 2.0

And that’s the same symbol that you can see in this document that belongs to Fallout 3:

f4 survival guide Bethesda has registered Fallout 4 | VGLeaks 2.0

Thanks, OAMI.