Level-5 are the new black in Japan. Yokai Watch franchise has become the new million seller and the company responsible for those games, Level-5, have ambitious projects in the horizon.

Akihiro Hino, president of Level-5, teased a new PS4 game to be presented at E3 2015. Hino appeared in a Final Fantasy XIV livestream some days ago.

This fact could be interwoven with their PS4 upcoming game. Hino stated that Level-5 want to create something bigger than White Knight Chronicles on PS4 and the company could need to collaborate with a big publisher in order to develop a game with that scale.

Square-Enix and Level-5 have already working together in the past: Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX were the fruits of that work. Therefore, it’s plausible to see a new partnership between Level-5 and Square.

Thanks, DualShockers.