In the PSX era, Namco released Klonoa, one of the most iconic platforms of those years and the game received a direct sequel in PS2. Further, the first Klonoa was rebooted in Wii.

The company has registered the “Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series” name in Europe and Canada in the last few days. Previously, “Klonoa Encore” was registered in 2019, and “Wahoo Encore” and “1&2 Encore” were trademarked in September 2021. Al those trademarks were registered in Japan, therefore, this is the first time that the brand is registered overseas (again). Encore is the word that Namco used for its remastered titles in Japan and “Wahoo” is the catchphrase of the Klonoa series’ titular protagonist.

I hope we could play a remastered collection of Klonoa games, at least the best ones.

We will see (and maybe, play it).

Thanks, Gematsu.