GameStop is a video game retailer that also specialises in gaming merchandise and consumer electronics. The company is responsible for providing video games to interesting players of different games, either those who desire to play it for fun or for real money online casinos Australia. GameStop’s provides video games such as EA Sports, PlayStations, Microsoft games, and so on. GameStop, over the past couple of years, has endured a controversial love-hate relationship among its consumers. The popular video game retailer of used, new games and collectables has made excellent profits out of what is important is the pawnshop mentality: “buy cheap from the desperate and resell for a big profit.”

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What is GameStop?

Although it is difficult to label video gamers that look to flip silver discs as desperate, the fact is GameStop has the market for used games all figured out perfectly. Although GameStop can hardly be described as a monopoly, it only boasts of the physical and not online ownership of video games. Also, the ability to rent, sell or trade to people who would love to have them after you discard them. These persons would desire a level of accessibility and convenience, which is not the case in some online resale mediums such as eBay or Craigslist.

GameStop can be easily found in almost every neighbourhood or mall in the streets of America. More so, despite GameStop’s general controversial love-hate situation, it was able to attain a profit of over 3 billion dollars in the previous year. The love-hate situation is caused due to aggressive suggestive selling, rude employees, and terrible trade values, ridiculous pricing, especially when they increase the price of used games during sale periods.

GameStop: Does it Restrict Games?

Among the many merits that come with a similar organisation like GameStop video games retailer is that your experiences from one store to another, even if it is in another state or country, should be the same regardless of wherever you may be. For example, when you eliminate cultural differences, if you order a big mac from McDonald’s in California, you will get the same sandwich even when you order it in other countries like Tokyo in Japan. Of course, one would also expect this scenario to be true of GameStop services and culture, but sadly, this is not true and could hamper people’s love for games and further restrict it.

It is also important to note that these bad experiences are not generalised to all GameStop outlets worldwide. Indeed, the store pricing models and displays and stock and related stuff are usually constant in all outlets; what makes it vary are the people working there, such as the managers, employees, and even the customers. It is possible that when you drop at a GameStop outlet to get video games, you might experience bad customer service; you can leave the place and try another of their shops to see if the experience would be different. You can continue to do this till you can find the one that best suits you and call it your own.

GameStop Offers

GameStop also comes with positives as the video game retailer offers a 7 day, no questions asked, no restocking fee return policy, which means you can buy the used game from the retailer shop and then return it for no other reason than you don’t like it and you will get a full money back on returning the game in cash. This feature makes GameStop even better when compared to a blockbuster video. In addition, it provides you with the opportunity to get a week’s video game rentals without having to pay any fee. This is amazing to game lovers as there is no subscription and no cost/fee.

Although when it comes to sales; GameStop offers one of the hardest deals experience as the retail outlets jack up their prices of used games, which is more expensive than when you opt to buy it new; though sometimes you can occasionally come across good deals. The video game retailer also discounts registered Elite members, which makes it easy for them to get good deals. In addition, GameStop usually has a wider selection of games on its outlets than other gaming outlets like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. It is also important to note that GameStop sells used accessories too, and getting a membership on the platform can help you get good deals on whatever you want.

GameStop Experiencing Low Sales

For a couple of months, GameStop has been experiencing a lack of sales as the video gaming outlet is rapidly going down on sales. But thanks to the pandemic period, the company was woe increased the more as the statistics fell drastically with the company experiencing the worst moment of their existence. The reason for this decline has been viewed as a result of the gaming industry moving completely online. This would greatly affect the company as teenagers today aren’t even buying video games in retailers anymore as they can easily get them online over the internet without delay. In addition, mobile, browser and social gaming are easily accessed through hardware other than the traditional consoles that have been highly used for playing video games in the past.

As a result, it would take a little time for GameStop to adjust to these technology changes and perfectly satisfy the consumer’s wants. If they fail to adjust to this quickly, it might mean the end of business for the video game retailer. The ever-changing market puts GameStop on the spot as it has been very clear that since GameStop is now short of total transformation, it seems the company is slowly heading the way of a blockbuster with game sales moving heavily to online and popular online games, which has caught the attention of video game lovers would make it even more difficult for GameStop to thrive unless they adopt the new gaming technologies.


GameStop is rapidly going out of the market since it’s not inventing an addictive gaming platform and has not also rolled out an amazing and interesting online gaming delivery service. The video retailer is just a store at the mall that is presently experiencing downtime with its revenue due to the restrictions given months ago by the state governments imposing lockdowns and stay-at-home orders to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Just like it is with most retailers, GameStop is not giving consumers the satisfaction they crave from playing games, but when you understand and know how to play by the rules, GameStop can become a shake ‘n Bake bag. This means that you can use it when it is excellent for your needs and throw it away when you are done with it.