Avid online gamers didn’t even ask themselves a question about whether they need PS5. They just stood overnight at the store to grab “their treasure” at the first opportunity. Indeed, they went crazy about it back in days when they knew neither the exact date of its appearance on the shops’ shelves nor the final price tag. They just started using every opportunity to save a pretty penny. Some of them found a side job, while others were looking for a quick essay writer to cope with a pile of papers assigned at the college or uni. It is better to pay someone to do your homework and to devote your time to gaming, instead of racking your brain on how to deal with one more complex assignment.

However, if you are a rookie in terms of games, you may not know what console to choose and whether it is worth spending a fortune on PS5 or other options can also work out. Well, let’s consider the benefits of the new PS5 and decide whether they can tip the scale. And if you decide to give it a try, make sure to use all the possibilities it provides you with.

1. Complete exclusivity and more famous games

Well, first things first. One of the key reasons to go for the PS5 is a large number of top-notch and just awesome exclusive games from in-house and third-party studios. After all, exclusivity is the driving force that makes many non-console users think about purchasing a system, even if they have a powerful PC.

When choosing a console, this is a crucial factor to start from. So, are you ready to wait several years to play a game you like on a computer? Surely you are not. Besides, gamers who have played on the PlayStation develop involvement in the Sony ecosystem. For example, if you played God of War on the PS4, you probably want to know the continuation of the story on the PlayStation 5. This also happens with other platform exclusives. Some people may claim that you will hardly get access to a huge number of exclusive games at first, but even if it is so, the practice shows that Sony will cope with it pretty fast and provide their users with the best content possible.

2. New gamepad

The PS5 differs from its predecessors with a new gamepad. The successor to the DualShock 4, the DualSense game controller has a new shape, improved vibration, and enhanced functionality. Developers can program the stiffness of the hammers to adapt them to the game. Built-in microphones allow you to chat without a headset, and the sensor unit has become more sensitive and accurate.

The battery is responsible for the autonomy of the joystick, which compares favorably with the previous generation. Its capacity in the PS5 controller is 1560 mAh, while the older models had about 800 or 1000 (Pro version) mAh. The modern USB Type C is now used for charging instead of the old micro USB.

3. Previous generation compatibility

Talking about the key benefits of the new PS5, one cannot but mention the preservation of compatibility with games for the previous generation consoles. When the PS4 was released, it lost compatibility with old Sony consoles projects due to a new architecture transition. Since the PS5 is built on the same x86-64 architecture as the previous model, 99% of the games created for the previous series of Sony consoles will work on the PS5. The chances are high that you would like to try previous generations’ games, at least when you suffer from nostalgia.

4. New graphics that supports 8K

The advantages of the new GPU are noticeable even against the PS4 Pro console background, which was released in 2016. It already used a graphics processor consisting of 36 clusters, but they worked at 910 MHz and produced 4.2 TFLOPS. The new console is at least 2,5 times faster than the most powerful model of the previous generation. The PS5 has received an AMD RDNA 2 GPU, while the previous generation consoles used GCN graphics. The performance of the graphics processor in the new console is 10.28 TFLOPS. Actually, the modern era with all its innovations and advanced technologies requires top-quality graphics, so it is worth opting for a model that is already several steps ahead.

5. Faster SSD

It has got an SSD that is nearly twice as fast as Microsoft’s console. If you are a newcomer here, you should know that the speed of an SSD is of great importance when it comes to showing details in games. The drive will allow almost instantly to load games, textures, and objects. And the PS5’s SSD will do it faster than the Xbox. The SSD will offload the video memory and console RAM, eliminating the need to store any data in memory. Therefore, the detail in games should be dramatically increased.

6. Many accessories and the availability of VR

The new PS5 has the most accessories in history. In addition to the console itself, players will be able to purchase a dual docking station for game controllers, Pulse 3D wireless headphones, a remote control, a vertical console stand, and a webcam for capturing images in HD resolution. Sony will also release the second version of the PS VR headset, which should be released in late 2020 or early 2021. The headset will support 2560×1440 resolution, 120 GHz refresh rate, provide a 120-degree field of view, and work up to five hours on battery power because the helmet will be wireless.