The internet world has presented us with millions of entertainment opportunities that were unheard of three decades ago. Gone are the days when UK residents had to walk or drive for hours to enjoy a gaming session. Those were also the days when you had to invest in high-end gaming machines, which were also expensive. 

We now live in a modern world where you can enjoy some of these games online and still get satisfied. The availability of cloud technology is also making it possible to rent some space for resource-intensive games. What are the top games for 2021? We were lucky to have a session with Samuel Richardson (you can check his profile here), who shared some of the online games to look up for:

Words with Friends

If you have been lucky to have tried scrabble when you were growing up, then this is something similar you can try today. It is a multiplayer game that comes with word puzzles that helps jog your mind. You must form a word that connects with at least one letter that is already on the puzzle. Different letters have different values that will determine the scores that you will get. 

There are also certain blocks that will determine the final score. The game also comes with a dictionary where you can check whether you have created valid words. You can play this game with friends or family for fun and test your prowess with words. All you need is an internet connection to invite your friends to try this game out. 

Video poker 

It is one of the most common games that you will find in a typical UK casino. The game was in the past regarded as an elite game but has now changed to embrace everyone. Gamblers at UK online casino prefer this form of gaming over slots as the former is easier to make money. Video poker demands skills and also has a lower house edge than other types of games. Game developers have realized that players prefer video poker, which is why they invest in graphics and effects such as sounds and music. 

Online slots

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Recent research shows that online slots are among the most popular games in a typical online casino. In the simplest terms, an online slot is where you bet an outcome of a ‘spin’ in a game. Slot machines in physical casinos have reels that come with different symbols. The online slots are more advanced than what you find in a typical physical casino; the reels are more, and they have special features such as Scatters and Wilds. Slots do not require complex skills to play. The packaging of the slot machines is also another major attraction to online gamers. 


It is one of the oldest games that still appeal to modern gamblers. The online version is not different from what was designed centuries ago. There are three outcomes in a typical baccarat game where the player can win, the dealer wins, or there is a tie. As a player, you will choose and bet on one of the outcomes before the cards are dealt. The dealing usually follows a certain pattern, and you cannot ask for more cards. The hand with the highest value is always declared the winner in this game. 


This game has more than 535 variations. However, some of the most popular ones include Spider, Pyramid, FreeCell, Tripeaks, and Klondike. The game is now available in online casinos as a multiplayer game where people can stake for real money. It is a game of skill where you have to develop some patterns against your opponents. It is a perfect game if you are the brainy type and want something that will jog your mind. You can try building your skills with the free versions you can download online before reaching the point of staking for real money. 

Above are some of the top UK casino games that you can try today in no particular order. The choice of these games will depend on your taste and preferences. Do you think that there are others that should make it on our list? Please let us know.