Choosing the right gift for a loved one or family member is hard. This is doubly true when they are gamers, because there always seems to be nothing you can get them. Gifts are customary for celebrations, and there are at least three holidays where gifts are expected. This guide will show you the best present you can get your gamer loved one and the factors to consider when picking out a gift. Let’s get right into it!

The Top 5 Gifts for Gaming Fans

Scrolling through hundreds of online pages looking for the perfect gift can be draining. There are so many options from cool weapons for CSGO to handheld games. We have done the hard work for you and found the best gifts you can get. Where possible, take advantage of discounts on items to get a better deal. Here are 5 gifts that will wow a gamer.

Wireless Keyboard

If the recipient is a PC gamer, a wireless monitor will be a great addition to their setup. Not only will it declutter their deskspace, but it will also help with cable management. Wireless keyboards are also more convenient because they allow the user to move freely without being constrained by a connecting cable. There are different qualities of wireless keyboards at varying price points. Select one that’s within your budget.

Controller Dock

A controller dock is used to charge and store the controller of a console. These perform a dual function and can help with the management of controllers. If you know a messy gamer needing help storing their controllers, this is the perfect gift. There are different varieties of charging docks with different themes, colors, and designs. Find one that the recipient would love and get it. One method you could use is to look for a dock that matches the aesthetic of their game space.

Gaming Headphones

Headphone gifts are for all gamers. For gamers, there’s no better feeling than shutting out the world and being immersed in your favorite game. Gaming headphones are specially designed to block out surrounding sound. They are also sensitive, as players can hear every little thing that happens in the game. Gaming headphones can be a bit pricey, but you can get budget brands without spending an arm and a leg.

Workout Bands

You are surprised to see this, but it is needed. Gamers spend hours in front of a screen, with only short breaks in between. Getting someone a workout band reminds them to exercise while also providing a convenient exercise option. Stretches will help them loosen up their stiff muscles from the long sitting hours. These are relatively cheap and would count as a thoughtful gift. You can get the bands in the favorite color of the recipient to encourage them to use the gift.

Video Game Title

What is the favorite franchise of the recipient? And is there a new installment out? You can also purchase games based on their preferred genre. For example, getting the latest Legend of Zelda installment for an adventure lover is a great match. You can go through the older games to observe a noticeable pattern in the games they enjoy. You can also use review websites to know which games are worth buying and which are not.

How to Select the Best Gifts for Gaming Fans

What if what you think the recipient would like isn’t on the list above? Well, we are going to show you how you can select the best gift yourself. These factors will allow you to accurately screen tech products that you find online. Here are the factors that will help you in your search:


Online gadget stores usually send out coupons to their customers and members. If you have filled out any surveys or placed your email down for promotions, this is for you. These coupons will allow you to take advantage of discounts.You should be selective about the companies you give access to your email. Some companies deliver bulk marketing SPAM emails to users on their mailing list. This can clog your inbox and drown out important messages.


What does the recipient like? Knowing what the recipient likes is the best way to get the perfect gift. Simple is always best, so you should stick to what they are already familiar with. Ask questions in advance of when you want to buy the gift. This will give you an idea of where their head is. If they make a birthday list, take a look at it to see if they have put any technological wishes on there.


How old the recipient is will determine the kinds of gifts that are appropriate. For example, giving a 12-year-old a game rated R is not appropriate. There are age-specific gaming gifts that you can get. Ensure you know the rating of the gifts you plan to buy and see if they match the age of the recipient. The age rating of toys is usually available on e-commerce websites.

Product Reviews

Product reviews help you learn more about a product. Using product reviews before purchasing a gift will allow you to understand more about it. It will also help you avoid bad decisions. Use review websites and comments from real users to determine the validity of a product. YouTube is a free resource that contains reviews of thousands of products. If you have made a shortlist, you can search for the products on YouTube for their reviews.

There are thousands of different gifts that you could buy for a gamer. Going through each of the available options is stressful and tasking. When picking out a gift for a gamer, you can’t go wrong if you use the factors we discussed above. You should also try comparing prices of items among various vendors before deciding on a seller. Always use reviews from users when deciding if you should get a gift. We leave you with the knowledge to get the perfect gift for a gamer.