An age-old question, will mobile gaming ever replace PC gaming? This is very difficult to say given the rise in mobile gaming. Gaming in general has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. The gaming industry has evolved, and you can now play games on just about anything.

Tabletop consoles like those produced by PlayStation and Xbox as well as handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS used to be the more desired gaming apparatus as they were much more affordable, and the games were plentiful.

However, in the last decade as computers have become much more accessible to the general public as well as having much more customisation options for things like graphics cards and processors, have made them the ideal choice to game on.

The Limitations of Mobile Gaming

There is no denying the fact that a mobile phone just doesn’t compare to the level of performance you can achieve with a fully kitted out gaming computer with all the latest available hardware such as graphics cards and processors.

Unfortunately, the big limiting factor as to why mobile gaming will never replace PC gaming is the fact that the computing performance on mobile will never be able to compete in the same league as a PC which will remain far superior. This therefore limits mobile gaming by a significant amount in terms the kind of content that can be produced, the types of game mechanics that can be implemented and of course, the obvious difference in graphic ability.

However, despite these limitations mobile games still sell very well. In fact, some of these limitations work in the favour of mobile gaming. The gaming mechanics in mobile games are far less complex than those of PC games making them much easier to play and learn. The games tend to not have a lot of content making them much more convenient to play and require much less time to play.

But Mobile Game Sales Are Soaring?

True, mobile games sales are soaring, you can buy or download for free many different types of mobile games, like on and other sites such as the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Whilst those of PC gaming continue to slowly decline, however mobile games will simply not be creeping up to replace PC gaming any time soon.

Why PC Will Remain Supreme

PC gaming will remain supreme compared to that of mobile gaming. This is because the target market of PC gaming is very different to those who like to game on mobile. Mobile games are very easily accessible to almost everyone with a mobile phone. You don’t need to have anything fancy to run most mobile games.

PC gaming, however, is all about the user experience, an immersive gaming experience is much more easily achieved with PC gaming. Everything from the hardware to improve PC gaming comfort and performance such as curved monitors and VR headsets to comfortable gaming desks and chairs, right up to top of the line graphics cards which can go for well over the amount of a mobile phone. The quality of gaming is just better.