Once upon a time Sony PlayStation was the best gaming platform ever made. It held the tops of the charts about 20 years ago, when there were no signs of smartphones, powerful PCs and last generation consoles. The PlayStation 1 became very popular and now toy will know what games made it so beloved by players all around the world.

Tenchu 2: Birth of The Stealth Assassins

It was not the game only about silent walkthrough, hiding in the shadows and instant assassinations. It allowed building your own levels. Mostly all users admit that they recall this game especially for the possibility to show the creativity.
Suikoden 2

Maybe you have never heard of the game, because this one Playstation ROMs was left unnoticed. It is because its production was very limited. It is a big shame, because the game is a perfect specimen of classical RPG. You could spend a lot of time watching the perfect story flowing and recruiting up to 108 allies to your group. Some people may think that it is very similar to famous Pokemon series, but it is not, as every character could speak and perform different actions.

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Driver: You are a Wheelman

We bet everyone sometimes wanted to become an undercover cop. It gave us such opportunity. With it, you could ride the biggest cities of the USA, chasing the enemies and running away from the police. The physics of the game was considerably good for that time, which allowed it become one of the most popular games ever made for PS.

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

It is considered to be the last good game produced for the PS. Well, the series continue producing new games, but many players recall this part with a special nostalgia. The players could enjoy the arcade controls, good graphics and accessibility.
Worms Armageddon

It was created by the company called Team 17. The game is a successor of the game series, and it has brought many new features to the gaming. The graphics were slightly improved, but the gameplay changed dramatically. The new kind of walkthrough was added – single missions. Now you could train before fighting real people. As for the main feature, it had more weapons and techniques.

Metal Gear Solid

It was the first one among the powerful game series. It was rather tough with lots of tricks to be known. Each player had to learn to quit mindless button pushing and learn how to move silently and kill quickly. Well, it is still being developed and more and more parts are issues every couple of years.
As you can see, we could not name all games produced for PlayStation. We know that there are more interesting games that you would like to see here. We are interested in your thoughts, so do not forget to comment the games you play in.