We have interesting news coming from Japan. Recently, Sony filed a trademark for “Save the Earth”. Unfornately we don’t have any clue on this, so we don’t even know what kind of game is or the platform(s) that could receive this title.

Apart from that, Koei Tecmo also trademarked (just before the Atelier 20th Anniversary Presentation to be held tomorrow, on June 7) two specific terms: “Atelier Online” and “Bureseiru no Renkinjutsushi”. Again, we don’t exactly know if these two separated trademarks mean that two new Atelier games will be announced tomorrow (Atelier Online and Atelier: Alchemist of Braceir) or if we only will see one new Atelier game: Atelier Online: Alchemist of Braceir.

In any case, stay tuned. E3 2017 is close.

Here you have the full list of recent Japanese trademarks:

Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • “Save the Earth”
  • “MatterFall” (announced in 2015, from Housemarque, the developers of Resogun)

Square Enix

  • “Wander Arts” (also trademarked in Europe)

Koei Tecmo

  • “Atelier Online”
  • “Bureseiru no Renkinjutsushi” (Alchemist of Braceir / Breseir / Breceil / etc)
  • “Shin Sangoku Musou Zan” (Japanese title of Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed)

Sega Games (all three arcade games)

  • “Chunithm”
  • “Chunithm Star”
  • “Chunithm Star Plus”

Nippon Ichi Software

  • “Koeroku”


  • “Nisemono-Hime to Juu-Nin no Konyakusha” (Fake Princess and the 10 Fiancees)

Via | Gematsu